TV Networks Stop Televising the National Anthem


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Popular networks like ESPN, CBS, and Fox have decided to not broadcast the national anthem for every game.

“Networks not televising the anthem during Monday night football games is a shame and really negatively affects my thoughts on the NFL,” said junior Erin Constantino, “Growing up, I watched football with family and friends on television and attended high school games, the national anthem was an important start to any game and always reminded me how lucky I am to watch and play the sports I love. Not hearing the national anthem on these networks loses the tradition and pride that my family, in particular, always looked forward to.”

Constantino is not alone in this opinion.

“I do not like how they didn’t televise the anthem on TV,” said sophomore Logan Liljeberg. For some people, it is very special and is a big thing in their lives. It is a symbol of unity for our country and how great it is.” said sophomore Logan Liljeberg.

However, Junior Brooks Dutton feels differently about the subject.

Dutton said, “I don’t mind not having the national anthem being televised on Monday night football. I believe that it is every individual’s duty to show their respect and loyalty to their country in their own way.”

According to an article from K5 News, networks like ESPN, CBS, and Fox may choose to broadcast the National Anthem on special occasions like Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and playoffs.

Senior Jake Kelly said, “It’s a bad attempt to get away from the controversy because now people know you are actively trying to cover up the issue.”

Senior Billy Sledge said, “Stepping to the side of this controversy only gives it more publicity so we continue to talk about it.”

An article from Snopes said that ESPN is trying to avoid controversy by not changing the way they broadcast the Monday night football games.

“I do believe that this is a good way to get away from the controversy because it eliminates all possible conflicts that could deter fans and player and bring attention to poor decision making by the front offices,” said Dutton.

The national anthem has been played at sporting events for years. Will taking it away affect how fans watch the game?

Constantino said, “The national anthem is very important to people, especially football fans. It is a significant event at the beginning of a game and shows the unity and pride and how important that is to American sports.”

However, Dutton said, “The ‘National anthem crisis’ has nothing to really do with the games in my eyes. I believe that people have the right to peacefully protest what they believe in. It is not a knock against our military or against America even.”

According to an article from the Washington Post, the NFL’s ratings have gone down nine percent since the 2017 season.

Liljeberg said, “I think it will cause more problems because people will complain it not being aired as well as saying they just don’t want to show it in case people are kneeling which would cause more uproar and I think the national anthem means freedom and hope for people.”

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