*Ding*­ — Another Email?!

BY: Gabriella Ruvo

Staff Reporter

Another day, another email. Do you find yourself saying this daily when you hear your phone go off? Mass emails seem to be a conversation topic at Sacred Heart University.

A mass email is an email sent out globally to the entire Sacred Heart community, although it may not pertain to you specifically.

“I think that some of the emails are beneficial, especially if they’re from administration about something important going on in the SHU community. However, the ‘globals’ that get sent out every day from clubs/departments aren’t always beneficial,” said junior Nicole Longo.

These emails are controlled by leaders of organizations that have the ability to send emails globally. For example, Sarah Kosha, a senior who is also the Student Body President, has the ability to send out those emails.

“We are limited by our advisors on how many emails we send out and everything must be approved. Only I have access as President with my advisor’s permission to send one out,” said Kosha. “Other members do not have access to send out a global.”

Many freshmen come into the university without knowing their inbox could overflow with these mass emails each day.

“As a freshman, I’ve never had to deal with so many emails before, so it is all new to me. I can’t learn to ignore them because I have to scroll through them to get to my important ones,” said freshman Grace Shinn.

On the other hand, seniors have been receiving these emails for many years and have learned to either ignore them or delete them.

“I think the amount of emails we get is so unnecessary. I am so used to seeing 50 emails a day that I don’t even read. They don’t even distract me anymore, I only focus on my important emails,” said senior Elizabeth Bivona.

Within these mass emails, are important emails that students need to read. Those emails could be from professors, tutors, or anyone regarding something important to the student.

Sophomore Anthony Gianfortone tends to lose track of his important emails due to the amount of mass emails in his inbox.

“In the midst of all the mass emails we receive daily, I deleted my class registration time email,” said Gianfortone. “That email is really important and I shouldn’t have to accidentally lose it because I receive emails I don’t need.”

However, other students have learned to navigate the system and not lose track of their important emails.

“I personally don’t get unimportant emails mixed up with my important ones, but it is only because I check my email 20-30 times a day and I am on top of deleting the ones that don’t pertain to me,” said junior Olivia Hagopian. “If I let my emails get backed up like many other students do, I would absolutely lose the important emails.”

Do students actually read these mass emails and have their school mail accessible on their mobile devices?

“I have the mail app on my phone but I don’t open mass emails because the second I read the subject, I know if it pertains to me or not. I’m not going to read something that isn’t going to benefit me,” said sophomore Alexa Coto.

With some improvements and new ideas, many students say the email system could be revamped and allow students to choose what emails they receive.

“The email system is not run efficiently because so much information is displayed at once,” said Shinn. “Students should be able to choose what emails they are subscribed to so that they know that an email is important when they get it.”

The email system can be a controversial topic at Sacred Heart as email is the official mode of communication for various university channels.

“Although emails may seem like such a small part of our college career, they have a big impact on our success,” said Hagopian.

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