Ready to partake in Sibling’s Weekend?

By Daniel Diggins

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University is back with their annual Sibling’s Weekend. The two-day event will be taking place on the weekend of Feb. 11.

The weekend will be packed with multiple different activities that students and their siblings can engage in.

Some students are looking forward to participating in the activities and enjoy themselves.

“It should be a good weekend. I’m really looking forward to spending time with my sister and showing her the school,” said sophomore Justin Stagg.

The weekend is organized, set up and run by the Student Events Team. This team is an organization of six committees who work to bring the Sacred Heart community together.

Sibling’s Weekend consists of nine different events including special meals, unique games and a Sunday Mass to finish it off.

Stagg is participating in Sibling’s Weekend for his first time and does not know what to make of all of the activities available.

“I might participate in one or two of them, maybe the black light laser tag, that sounds cool,” said Stagg. “He [Stagg’s brother] had not yet looked at the Sibling’s Weekend agenda and was impressed by the amount of different activities that the event offered.”

Although there are nine enticing activities available to participating students and their siblings, students are still interested in showing their siblings what a normal day here is like.

“I want her to experience a real day as a college kid here, so I’m not too focused on getting to many of the activities,” said Stagg.

Sibling’s Weekend gives students the opportunity to bond with their siblings in various ways.

None of the activities are mandatory, so students and their siblings can decide what they will participate in, if any at all.

Since none of the events are madatory, students are able to come and go as they please which opens their siblings up to different types of experiences.

“Instead of following the itinerary, I decided my brother might enjoy meeting my friends and just kind of hanging out,” said senior Matthew Murphy.

Similar to Stagg, Murphy wanted his brother to see what a day in the life of a college student is like.

Parents and students are available to register online.You can buy tickets for $25 per student and $50 per sibling.

Students across campus will be participating in this year’s Sibling’s Weekend. Stagg is one of them and is excited to have an opportunity to spend a weekend with his sister.

“I’m glad my mom signed me up. I’m sure it will be a fun weekend,” said Stagg.

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