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What sources do you use to get your news? 

With so many sources to choose from, many students at Sacred Heart say they receive their news from the web. 

“I read news on my phone because it’s easier to have on me; it’s easier access. I don’t have to go anywhere to get what I need,” said freshman Greta Pryce. 

Junior Emily Claus says she also finds phone-use more accessible when it comes to receiving news. 

“It is way easier to access; there are daily updates on our phones,” said Claus. 

Some students say they have other reasons why they prefer to receive their news from the web.

“I personally don’t read print news just because it doesn’t appeal to me,” said freshman Madison Benevides. “I’ve never really been interested in print news.”

In addition, Benevides said that she tends to be more attracted to news from the web-based on news titles she finds more interesting compared to print news.  

“They have a way of saying the titles of an article to pull readers in,” said Benevides. 

Few students say that they still make time to read print news, however, they tend to lean more towards news from the web. 

“I do sometimes read print news. I read The Spectrum for the most part. I am more of a fan of the web just because it’s easier to consume just because I’m always on my phone and I don’t always have a newspaper in my hand or somewhere near me,” said senior Brandon Ricketts. 

Claus said she reads print news as well, but only on occasion. 

“Occasionally, but I don’t personally go out to get a newspaper,” said Claus.

Some students say they keep news apps on their phones to stay alert on what’s happening in the world. 

“I have the Washington Post app on my phone and I read the news articles on Google,” said senior John G. Santiago. 

Pryce said she has the Fox News app on her phone. 

Benevides and Ricketts said they both receive their news from Twitter. 

Students say they tend to stay away from certain news sources.

“I try to stay away from news on social media, many of those articles are unreliable,” said Santiago.

Some students said they are more open to any news sources. 

“I was never close-minded about a specific form of news; I’m more open-minded about it,” said Pryce. 

Some students said that they use news as a way to grow and learn more about the world around them.

Ricketts said the way he gets news has changed in the past few years because he needs to stay more up to date on things; he says staying updated helps him grow more as a person. 

“I tend to go on Twitter a lot more and am more active on Twitter looking at the news that’s going around, finding out about different aspects of people’s lives and all things in that nature,” said Rickets.

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