What Does the Warm Weather Have Students Doing?

With warmer weather steadily approaching Fairfield, Conn., some students say they are spending more time outdoors.

“It’s been nice to get outside,” said sophomore Tyler Tache. “I’ve been going to the park and playing sports with my friends.”

Many students say the sunny skies are refreshing and have changed the dynamic on campus.

“I’ve been loving how warm it’s been,” said junior Olivia Cifali. “When it’s nice out, I love to drive with the windows down. It gives me a sense of clarity and relaxes me.”

Sacred Heart University has opened a number of new outdoor options for students, such as event tents, cabanas on the 63’s patio and picnic tables across campus where they can relax, do homework and hang out with their friends.

“I’ve been enjoying all the lounge areas,” said senior Ahjanté Rampersad. “I also love to walk around and take in all the scenery, and when I have time, I try to go to SET events.”

The Student Events Team (SET) hosts a large selection of outdoor events over the course of the semester, such as inflatable axe throwing, bingo nights, and do-it-yourself crafts.

SET Vice President and senior Courtney Cardona says their events are a great option for students to have some fun on campus.

“Lots of students attend our events,” said Cardona. “We provide great activities for students to do on campus and keep them occupied while still following the Pioneer Promise.”

Their do-it-yourself activities are popular among many students.

“The last SET event that I went to was the make-your-own airbrush towels,” said sophomore Natalie Tewksbary. “It looked really unique, and my suitemates and I were looking for something to do. It was fun and we were pleasantly surprised.”

Freshman Rhiannon Ortiz says she has found the SET events to be great opportunities to get involved, meet new people and try something new.

“I love their take-home crafts,” said Ortiz. “They’re well thought out and safe, which is important during a pandemic.”

Cardona says SET has had an easy time hosting activities despite the COVID-19 restrictions and rules surrounding the Pioneer Promise.

“With the new cabanas, things have been running smoothly,” said Cardona. “The Office of Student Life has provided us with so many spaces and options to hold our events and get the students outside while doing our activities.”

Aside from on-campus activities, off-campus students living in the surrounding area say the warm weather has them exploring the town.

“I’ve been going to the beach to relax and unwind,” said junior Meghan McShane. “I also love to take walks with my friends or even do my homework outside.”

Similarly, sophomore Sarah Carr says she has been going to Ninety-Acres Park, which is only a minute walk from campus.

“It’s so convenient to go and sit there with my friends,” said Carr. “We’ve been bringing blankets and having picnics on weekends. I often forget how much my mood improves when it’s warm and I can get some fresh air.”

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