Getting Meals During The Coronavirus

By Jared McCabe
Staff Writer

How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted families in getting food and eating healthy?

Many Sacred Heart students attending online classes from their living rooms say they are getting mostly home cooked meals.  

Senior Nick Rizzi said, “For meals during this pandemic, my family and I have for the most part been cooking at home just because we are trying to limit ourselves to exposure to the virus outside in the public.”  

Grocery store shopping is considered an essential activity. 

Freshmen Jaylah Brant said, “My parents are not afraid to go to the grocery stores but are definitely more cautious when they leave the house. “

On the other hand, freshman Gianna Rose’s family does not go to the grocery store. 

Rose said, “My mom has food delivered to the house because she does not want to go into a grocery store.” 

Restaurant dining is not an option unless through take-out. Before the pandemic, Rose said, “Usually on Saturday nights we would have family dinner, and all go out to eat.” 

Sophomore Jessie Wells said, “Since the pandemic we order from local businesses once or twice a week to help them out. These orders can be picked up curbside at the restaurant or delivered to our house.”

Rizzi also said, “We do take out maybe two to three times a week whether for lunch or dinner. The restaurants around us have both good and safe systems in place with placing your order online for a curbside pickup of your orders or a delivery to your doorstep.”

Doing takeout has increased for some. 

Bryant said, “My family has been eating more takeout than normal. We have already had Chipotle, Olive Garden and local pizza shops deliver throughout this quarantine.” 

There are people, however, who are not comfortable with takeout but who still want to support their local businesses.

Freshman Allie Guiffra said, “We have mostly been cooking at home. My mom is very scared so she got some gift cards from our favorite restaurants so we can hopefully use them in the summer.” 

Sophomore Brendan Larson summed up his dinning simply: “My family tries to split days up between home cooking and ordering take out from our local restaurants. There’s not much more we can do. It’s not the best time to be a picky eater. It is what it is.”

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