How do you show your Pioneer Pride?

BY Nikki Ziner

Staff Reporter

Grab your pompoms and foam fingers. For many students, it’s time to show your Pioneer Pride. As a campus with many extra-curriculars and Division I sporting events, there are always ways to show off your school spirit.

Looking back at her journey at Sacred Heart, senior Ashley Scarpa talked about how sporting events were where she felt SHU pride the most.

“Whenever I was in the fan section at the football games, I always felt like this is why I came to the school. When I was looking at colleges in high school I always wanted to go to a school where there was a huge fan section and that I would feel like home at. Sacred Heart was definitely the perfect place,” said Scarpa.

The fan sections are also a place where junior Nicole Grotto feels her school spirit come out the most. “Being at sporting events, especially in the beginning of the year, always starts it off with a bang. I always love how hyped up everyone gets and it makes me feel like I’m home,” said Grotto.

As a campus with 14 Greek Life organizations, sororities and fraternities are a place where students can bond with others to find their home away from home. Sophomore Ava Prospero, a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, says that joining Greek Life made her Sacred Heart experience the best it could possibly be.

“I participate in school spirit through attending different sporting events and being a member of my sorority. I think that Greek Life events such as Greek Sing and Greek Olympics has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take pride in the things that I am passionate about,” said Prospero.

Beside extra-curricular programs and Division I sports, students take pride in getting involved in clubs that correlate with their majors. Senior Mike Maijenski shows his passion for SHU through his participation as an athletic training student.

“Being able to work one-on-one with the athletic programs makes me feel like I am taking part in making the sports teams compete better which makes our school spirit continue to thrive,” said Maijenski.

Junior Laura Dolan finds her school spirit when she is in the hospital for her nursing clinical sessions.

“Working with Sacred Heart to better my nursing career has validated my decision to come to Sacred Heart. Being able to work hands-on with patients makes me proud to say that I am getting my degree from Sacred Heart because of how prepared I feel for the future,” said Dolan. On or off the fields, students find a way to come together as a community.

“In times of tragedy there is no stronger bond than the SHU community. I always know that no matter where I am or who I am with I can always find someone who will be there for me and for that I am forever thankful to be part of this place I like to call home,” said Prospero.

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