Poet’s Corner: “Innisfail”

By Shannon Andée Brindle

The land of my elders

The home of my heritage

In the Emerald Isle’s splendors,

I search for a vestige,

Of what rests in my future –

Yet, I discover no tablature

Perched upon the Cliffs of Moher

Scaling the Giant steps of the Causeway

Whilst the ocean ebbs from shore

I merrily jig at the Tigh Coili in Galway

Even in the ruins of Dunluce

My constellation remains obtuse

I visit my ancestral Longford

Blindly hurling my javelin,

My aim skewed in cruising the Killary Ford

What I seek may lie in Dublin

God’s decree for me may still possess a veil

Yet, I shall always find my path back to Innisfail

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