Is Screen Time Taking Up Too Much Time?

By Rieanna Flores
Staff Reporter 

Most people say they look at their phone screens at least once a day, but have you ever really thought about the amount of time you spend on your phone in a day?

The iPhone gives a weekly update on what your screen time is per day, which can be found in the settings app.

According to his screen time, junior Brian Brown is on his phone for about five hours per day, usually checking social media or contacting people through texts, calls or emails. He says that he can’t always put his phone down because he feels it is needed in order to get activities done quicker.

“In this world today, so much needs to be done in only the 24 hours of the day and phones can get that job done quicker. Believe me, if we didn’t need to use our phones, life would be at a nice pace and people could see what is going on around them. That is how I want it to be because if not, I have to keep up with all these deadlines and there is always a rush,” said Brown.

Junior Renee Sivieri says that she only checks her screen time when she receives a notification about it; she mainly uses her phone out of boredom, but tries her best to schedule downtime.

“When I know I have something important to do or when I’m doing a long assignment I connect my headphones to my laptop instead of my phone to try to get away from it,” said Sivieri.

Similar to Sivieri, junior Akilah Bell, also checks her screen time when she receives a notification for it and uses her phone out of boredom as well. She says that she struggles to schedule downtime.

“Phones can be tricky because they’re such an asset, yet a liability at the same time. It all depends on how you choose to look at it,” said Bell.

On the other hand, senior Liam O’Donnell, shares a different take on phone use. He says that it is necessary based on the way he grew up.

“It’s something I don’t consider to be a negative thing because I grew up in an age of communication. My parents would probably disagree, but even then I don’t think they realize how dependent they are on it as well,” said O’Donnell. “Phones are a necessary part of everyday life. It passes the time when I’m on public transit and I need it to communicate with my friends.”

Junior Louisa Nann says she tries to live more in the moment.

“I try to go outside more. I do my makeup for fun and take pictures, I go on car rides with my dad. I live near the beach too so I like to go watch the sunset. I’ve been trying to live more in the moment lately, but quarantine makes that difficult,” said Nann.

Like Nann, many students have struggled during quarantine.

“There is nothing else to do and we are ordered to stay inside,” said Brown. “I’ve been using my phone more because of that, but I usually try to live in the moment.”

O’Donnell says living in the moment can have multiple meanings.

“Time is relative. You’re not missing out on life by not going outside or not talking to someone in person. Time well spent is time spent being happy and in life, only you can make your own fun. Do what makes you happy,” said O’Donnell.

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