Late-Night Diner to Open in October

Sacred Heart University’s new upper quad.

By Nicole Croteau

Sacred Heart University will be building a late night
diner on main campus as a new dining option for students within the upcoming year.

The diner, which is scheduled to be up and running in October of 2017, will have late night hours on weekends. It’s set to stay open until 3 a.m.

“Dining dollars will be accepted and they will have an extensive take out menu,” said Associate Dean of Students Denise Tiberio. “In the Fall, Chartwell’s will have applications available for students to apply to work in the diner.”

The university purchased 15.6 acres of land in April to continue expanding and plans to use the land for academic buildings, housing, athletic facilities, and the diner.

“I think that it will be very convenient for all of the students and it will offer more of a variety of dining options,” said sophomore Nicole San Filippo. “Some students get sick of the same options that are provided by Linda’s and 63’s so I think that by adding a diner it will be beneficial to the student body.”

Sacred Heart University currently offers a variety of dining options on campus that includes Linda’s, 63’s, Outtakes, Einstein’s, Red’s, Holy Grounds, and The Peak Creamery, the two larger main dining options being
Linda’s and 63’s.

“The opening date is on or about October 6th, 2017 and it will be up by the tennis court area and the hours of operation have still not been defined, but we will try to get as close to 24 hours as we can,” said Director of Chartwell’s Dining Services Mark Tammone.

The diner is going to be student run and feature a 50’s to 60’s classic style, according to Student Government President Addison Chau.

Chau also indicated that the diner is going to be named “JP’s Diner” after Dr. John Petillo, the President of Sacred Heart University. Naming the diner was a two-week
process that was given to student government.

“We believe it will be an exciting addition to the university,” said Director of Communications Deborah Noack. “We can’t think of many institutions that feature a retro diner as a dining hall option. Plans also call for a big screen that will feature sitcoms from the 50’s and 60’s and other fun programming in the spirit of a retro diner.”

Noack also said that the new dining hall will feature a traditional menu similar to other diners throughout the northeast region.

“To give the diner more of the 50’s to 60’s feel, and jukeboxes are looking to be placed inside to make the diner authentic,” said Chau.

Chau also said that he feels like this will be unique for students due to the fact that it is a student run restaurant.

“I personally cannot wait for the diner to open,” said San Filippo. “I think that it is something that will excite many students due to the new food options and it will definitely be a busy location that students are interested in. It is a nice new addition to our campus.”

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