Let’s Wing on The Debate

A favorite food of Sacred Heart University students. Photo by Joseph Durante/Spectrum.
A favorite food of Sacred Heart University students. Photo by Joseph Durante/Spectrum.

By Danielle LaPierre

Staff Reporter

There are many different places to get food at Sacred Heart University such as Linda’s and 63’s. However students can venture off campus to get other delights such as wings.

According to WNEP-ABC’s statistics on buffalo wings, eight out of 10 Americans, or 81%, eat buffalo wings on a regular basis.

That popularity transfers over to students who praised the consistent satisfaction buffalo wings gave them.

“It is so yummy every time,” said junior Danielle Fitzpatrick. “I am never disappointed, it is always consistent.”

A place that is visited by students is Buffalo Wild Wings, which is located at the Connecticut Post Mall on Boston Post Rd in Milford.

The interior of the restaurant contains multiple televisions, which are usually set to a variety of sporting events.

“My favorite place is Buffalo Wild Wings because it is consistent and I know what I am going to get every time I go there and know it will taste exactly how I want it to. I also like the atmosphere,” said Fitzpatrick.

According to their website, Buffalo Wild Wings has “Wing Tuesdays” in which all traditional bone-in chicken wings are half priced.

They also offer “Boneless Thursdays” in which all boneless wings are half priced.

Closer to Sacred Heart is Wing It On, located on Main Street in Bridgeport. The restaurant has a good reputation with students due to the quality of their product and its proximity to school.

“I like Wing It On because of their quality of wings and variety of different sauce
choices. It is also very close to my house and convenient because delivery is an option,” said senior Austin Hulse.

The restaurant has 23 sauces that are made fresh on a daily basis with flavors ranging from sweet to spicy.

“Red White and Blue’s is my favorite because it is the perfect amount of spice with some creaminess added to it,” said Hulse.

If you are looking for a new and unique place to find a new sauce to try, San Remo Pizza’s brings new flavors.

“San Remo is great because I love their Sweet Chili Dynamite sauce. It is sweet and spicy. Also, their service at the restaurant is awesome,” said junior Jarrett Michaels.

A debate that goes on among buffalo wing fans is boneless versus bone-in.

“Boneless wings always. Bone-in wings are way too messy and it gets all over my face and my outfit,” said Fitzpatrick.

No matter the restaurant they came from, regardless of sauce, bone-in or boneless, students were able to find places to satisfy their wing cravings while remaining either in or close to Fairfield County.

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