President’s Gala Featuring 3OH!3

Sacred Heart University President John J. Petillo hosted the eighth annual President’s Gala at the William H. Pitt Center on September 7, 2018. Photo by Lisa DeTullio Russell


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On Friday Sep. 7, Dr. John Petillo hosted Sacred Heart University’s eighth annual President’s Gala to celebrate the beginning of the 2018–19 school year, welcoming the four classes of the university to an event that is known for being fun and exciting. The event – this year a masquerade ball – is often the first chance that students have to reunite with friends and classmates after moving back in for the start of the academic year.

This year’s gala was different as for the first time Student Government was able to get a live musical act, something usually only seen at the annual Spring Concert. The special guest at the President’s Gala was 3OH!3. Given the duo’s popularity during students’ middle and high school careers, the electronic duo brought a lot of nostalgia; many students were pleased and excited for the performance.

As has been customary at past galas, there was also a live DJ, hor d’oeuvres and a cash bar available to SHU students who are 21 or over with an ID.

The event took place from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. inside the William H. Pitt Center with a record number of students in attendance, 3,200 from start to finish.

Beforehand, the event came with a lot of expectation but also with a new theme. This year’s gala had a masquerade theme, which surprised students say is something different from what they are accustomed to. “This year was the first year as well we were able to allow the students to vote on the theme for the gala, and we had over 1,000 students vote for the winner that is our Masquerade theme,” said Student Government president Sarah Kosha.

“The theme is both unique and fun,” said Class of 2019 Student Government president Stacey Drosos. “Student activities and student government are always coming up with new ideas for SHU students, even with having such an act like 3OH!3, which for us was a surprise.”

Many of the songs that were played from the DJ during the event were some of the most trending songs of the day, with artists like Drake and the Chainsmokers, among others, as well as some nostalgic music from the 2010s and 2000s.

For many of the seniors, it’s a bittersweet end as the last ever gala of their college years, meaning that they take the opportunity to make lasting memories.  “The event is fun because you see so many of your friends there and it’s just a good time,” said senior Christian Rodriguez. “Food, good music, and there are always pictures taken with your friends that are always memorable.”

For the other student classes, the event was an opportunity to take advantage of what Sacred Heart has to offer.

“I had a great time overall,” said sophomore Gabriel Bitencourt. “I hope to come back to this event again and enjoy it with my friends.”

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