Say Goodbye To Coolattas

By Michael Marino

Staff Reporter

This summer, Dunkin Donuts will be dropping the Coffee Coolatta from their menu. The big question is, will “America still run on Dunkin?”

According to CNBC, Dunkin Donuts will be replacing the Coffee Coolatta with their new Frozen Coffee, which is said to have more of a coffee taste compared to its predecessor.

“This came as a complete shock to me,” said sophomore Matthew Falce. “Every morning I have an early class, I make sure I get up in time to rush over to Dunkin for a Coolatta. They should not have tried to complicate things by releasing a new product. I just don’t understand what they were thinking. They already had a drink that many people loved. It just doesn’t make sense that they felt the need to take away an original.”

On the other hand, some students are happy that Dunkin Donuts has made this decision.

“I was never really a big fan of the Coffee Coolatta anyway,” said sophomore Joseph Siegel. “I was always the kind of person who was happy with a regular hot coffee to wake me up in the morning. The few times I have tried the Coolatta I was not impressed. I always thought that it was too sweet and sugary.”

However, the sweet taste of some Dunkin Donut drinks like these are what many
students are looking for.

“I love many products that Dunkin has put out, especially the Coolatta,” said freshman Nathan Gervais. “Honestly, I was a little sad when I heard that they were taking it away, but I am optimistic about the Frozen Coffee.”

According to CNBC, Dunkin Donuts will allow their customers to select the flavor of their Frozen Coffee and pick their dairy mixer.

“I’m interested to try the Frozen Coffee,” said Gervais. “I really only drink these kind of things for the flavor, I don’t really need or care about the energy from coffee.”

However, some Sacred Heart students believe that Dunkin Donuts will lose a large amount of customers because of their decision.

“I know many people who love the Coffee Coolatta and are really upset that it’s going to be gone,” said Othman. “It was part of my daily routine whether I had to wake up early or not.”

According to CNBC, there has been an uproar of Coffee Coolatta fans on Twitter who are not pleased with Dunkin Donuts’ decision.

“The Coffee Coolatta was the only drink I actually got at Dunkin. It’s sad to say, but I most likely will be making the switch to Starbucks,” said freshman Anthony Othman.

Dunkin Donuts has been around since 1950 and has been a student favorite.

“Whether you are a Coolatta fan or not, Dunkin is going to keep coming out with new products that will eventually please everyone,” said Siegel.

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