Spring Break

BY Laura Green

Staff Reporter

What are you doing for spring break?

Senior Kyle Lawrence said, “I am going to Nashville for the week with all my friends from school. I am excited for this trip because it is going to my last spring break and all of us together will be a great time.”

“I have never been to Nashville, so going to a new city will be really fun. Also, I am going to a Predators game, which will be cool,” said Lawrence.

In addition, junior Nicole Amalfitano will also be going away this spring break.

“I am going to Florida to visit one of my friends from home. Seeing her will be awesome because I have not seen her in so long,” said Amalfitano.

“Other than seeing her, I am really excited for the beach and some warm weather,” said Amalfitano.

While Florida is a popular location for spring break, another hot spot is Las Vegas. That is also where you will find junior Kayla Hanrahan.

“I think this spring break will be the best one yet,” said Hanrahan. “I just turned twenty-one, so being able to do everything in Las Vegas will be an awesome experience.”

“I am most excited for just going to a new place, I have never been to Vegas, but have heard great things about it,” said Hanrahan.

Some people are able to go away, but others are celebrating spring break by just staying home with their families and friends.

Junior Matt Wielk, who is on the lacrosse team, will be staying at school.

“Since I play lacrosse my team will be at school all break. We have three games so at least we won’t be doing nothing. It’s definitely not the beach, but we make the most of it,” said Wielk.

“Even though I am not going home, being able to take a break from school work will be nice, and usually we do some sort of team bonding during the week, so that will be fun,” said Wielk.

In addition, another Junior that will be staying home this break is Dylan Molster.

“I am going to study abroad this summer in Luxembourg and I am saving my money for that trip, so I will just be working at home over break,” said Molster. “Of course I would rather be away with my friends, but I think saving money will be worth it.”

“My favorite part is just being able to relax and see my dog. I love my dog and not seeing him every day is hard, so over break it is nice,” said Molster.

Sometimes instead of going away students will stay home and work, like sophomore Caroline Murphy.

“I am going back to my job at J. Crew. I worked there over the summer and liked it so figured I would go back and get some extra money,” said Murphy.

“My favorite part of going home will be the homemade food,” said Murphy. “My mom is a great cook, so having her food will be nice compared to the school food.”

Sacred Heart University’s spring break is from March 4 to March 10.

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