Super Bowl: Football vs. Commercials?

BY: Brett Maloney

Staff Reporter

As many people look forward to the Super Bowl game itself, there are also some people who are more excited about the new Super Bowl commercials that are debuted each year.

That was the case for sophomore nursing major, Ally Cipolla.

“I am not the type of person who normally watches football but I will always watch the Super Bowl for the commercials,” said Cipolla. “My favorite commercials always come from Budweiser because they always include a dog. Although this year I was disappointed because the Budweiser commercial only showed horses, and no dogs.”

For some students, they use the commercials during the Super Bowl as a detox from the game to get there mind away from the grueling action.

For sophomore Mitchell Kiernan, the commercials are just what he needs in order to relax during the game.

“I like the tradition of new commercials being introduced every year at the Super Bowl, especially being a Patriots fan. It is nice to get your mind away from the game for a little and watch the new commercials on the TV,” said Kiernan.

“If I had to choose a favorite from this year I would say, my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl would have to be the Hyundai commercial with Jason Bateman. I found it to be extremely comical when they would have to take a pit stop on every floor to let someone out,” said Kiernan

However, the Super Bowl commercials were not all laughs for every student. Sophomore Cassidy Woods, had a tough time keeping it together during one of the commercials.

“I drew a few tears during the game, and not because of the Super Bowl itself. But my tears actually came from the commercial where the Chargers coach Anthony Lynn talked to first responders who saved his life after his car crash,” said Woods.

Although some of the Super Bowl commercials brought out tears, there were some other commercials that students really enjoyed. Sophomore Kelsey Perretta really enjoyed the NFL 100 commercial.

“My favorite commercial from the Super Bowl hands down was the commercial about NFL 100. This commercial was easily my favorite because I felt it to be very cool how they brought the new, and old, stars of the NFL together as one,” said Perretta.

Senior Ari Bruno was impressed with the first responder commercial from Verizon, but Bruno was not impressed with the game as a whole.

“I was really impressed with the first responder commercial from the 2019 Super Bowl. I think that honoring the men and women who save lives on a regular basis was inspiring to see. It was something different to see than what we usually expect from the Super Bowl commercials but provoked a positive change,” said Bruno.

“Other than the Verizon and Bud Light commercials, none of the other commercials sparked an interest for me to watch intently. I thought that they were just as boring as the game was,” said Bruno.

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