That 90’s Trend That is Making a Comeback

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

Alright people, put down your spoons and stop eating your Mac N’ Cheese it’s time for week two of the He Said, She Said.

After last week I’m feeling pretty good about winning the rest of these. Hopefully my counterpart can put up a better fight this week.

Before I get into this week’s debate I first want to thank you guys for reading last weeks.

The amount of students I saw eating their macaroni and cheese with spoons and all the controversy I caused really put a smile on my face.

To continue this week’s controversy, we’re going to talk about chokers and whether or not they work as a fashion statement.

Personally I hate when people assume things, but I won’t blame any of you if you assume my position on this matter. In case you don’t know, I’m not about these terrible things called chokers.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should put a disclaimer at the beginning of the article, but judging on some past reactions I’ve had I just want to warn some of you…this may get ugly.

Well in case some people have lived in a cave for a while, I want to go over what exactly a choker is and where it came from.

A choker is a tight fitting necklace that can be made from a variety of materials that include velvet, metal, plastic or leather.

If the girl is feeling adventurous she may even have a jewel, pendant or even studs.

The Princess of Wales first made the choker popular in the late 1800s. Of course, back then chokers were worn only by the high upper class society.

The chokers were first worn to protect the user’s neck and were made mostly of jewels or pearls.

Chokers would kind of lay low for a while up until the 1990s. Oh what a better and simpler time.

The 1990s a time of great cartoons, baggy clothing, and no worries. Plus chokers apparently.

The choker has recently become the subject of fashion in recent years again as well. However, it isn’t the same as when people used to wear chokers.

Back then chokers were worn for the style of them or for functionality but now they’re worn for different purposes.

Today we live in an age where anything anyone ever does is used to make a statement. People who wear chokers are making a statement, or at least try to.

When I see a choker all I see is a trendy 20-something year old trying to look cool.

Personally I don’t like the look of chokers, I don’t even like the name of them.

Who names something like that anyway?

This brings me to my next point. It takes a very specific type of girl to wear these accesories.

At least the girls I see wearing them are a very specific type.

I don’t like the way chokers look. I think that they are unattractive.

Personally, I have no idea why this trend ever came back.

They might actually be the worst accessory ever.

I think having a girl wear a dead skunk around her neck would make her look more appealing.

But that’s just my opinion.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Getting ready to start your week off right, why not set up an outfit that will make you feel more confident? After you prepare an outfit to put on for the next morning, it is time to pick out your accessories.

Do you want to wear a bunch of bracelets? Would you want to wear large hoop earrings? Wear a cute, fun headband? Or maybe a ring on each of your fingers?

Choker necklaces are for some, the go-to accessory for the perfect outfit.

Chokers have been an on and off again trend for decades. Girls, remember when you were lets say five years old in the 90’s, and seeing your older sister or cousins wearing those cute plastic tight bands around their necks? Well it seems like that trend is now back in style.

They seem to have been a great accessory to wear with your outfits for centuries. People can trace back the choker trend in history since the times of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, to the French Revolution, to the 1800’s foreign royal rulers and to the early 1900’s classic ballerinas.

Many people in different cultures wore them as symbols and a part of their family jewelry collection.

Chokers come in all different styles and bring a whole new attitude and look to your clothes.

Even in 1944, “Life” magazine
introduced the choker trend again and turned it into every day fashion. At the time the “dog collar,” was know to be the jewelry style that was just as popular as wearing white or black pearl necklaces.

Jump to almost around 50 years later and chokers became one of them most well-known jewelry styles that were very popular among many teens and women in up until their late twenties.

In the 90’s all different styles of chokers also began to show up in the stores. From the fun Goth-style chokers to the “plastic tattoo chokers,” styles were a fashion statement that became legendary.

The “plastic tattoo chokers” were a big hit in the 90’s. Almost every single girl in your town at least had one of these if they were into fashion.

Many A-list celebrities from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, to Rihanna have all walked down on the red carpet with this style.

Nowadays, it seems like many people want to wear chokers because of the uniqueness it brings along with their outfit. Some chokers can tie around your necks and style them the way they want to, while other can be clipped on or are flexible enough to stretch to fit over your head onto your neck.

Chokers are a fashion statement that seems to not be fading or disappearing anytime soon.

Some may say that chokers are great accessories to wear for class or that it is something simple that can be worn with a cute outfit on your night out or at a party.

Some individuals can say that the accessories are what compliment the outfits. Others say that it’s a bold fashion statement that brings a little extra detail to your outfit for the day.

Whether you are in a rush to go to class or preparing a night out on the town with the girls, chokers are a flirty accessory that will sure bring an edge to your outfit and day.

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