The Anticipation of Growing Up

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So this is it. This is my last He Said.

Honestly, it feels good, knowing that I’ve given so many people insight to a better life.

I also can honestly say that I’m the first person in Spectrum history to go undefeated in the He Said, She Said debates.

For our last He Said, She Said we decided to do something a little more sentimental.

A lot of us on the Spectrum board are graduating, including me, so we’re going
to be talking about the anticipation of
growing up.

I know it’s not necessarily a debate but I figured I would save Kelsey from taking another loss.

So I’ve been at Sacred heart for the past four years and I got to tell you, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable here.

If there’s one thing I don’t exactly enjoy it’s change and if there’s one thing graduating college brings you, it’s change.

Probably one of the biggest parts of graduation is realizing that you have to grow up.

I mean, no more hanging out in the middle of the day with your best buds or having as much down time. You can kind of take for granted the time you have in between classes to go grab a sandwich or take a nap.

As for my personality, I don’t plan on changing all that much. I think I’ve matured a lot at college and I feel that if I mature any more I’ll become some dweeb.

Another big part of graduating is getting a job. I’ve been fortunate enough to put a halt on that process.

I’ve been lucky enough to get into grad school and also get a graduate assistant position to help pay for my schooling
at Sacred Heart.

So that means two more years of me on this campus and two more years of me enjoying this school.

To be honest I’m not looking forward to be getting out of school. Sure it is cool to think where I’ll end up and what type of job I have but like I said before, I’m very comfortable where I’m at and I’m not a fan of change.

However I know that I can’t be at school forever, I mean that would just be way to expensive, so I’m going to try to live these next couple of years to the fullest.

Just thinking about the increase in the amount of responsibility that I will have once I graduate makes me want to crawl into my bed and never leave.

Honestly people, who knows how to do taxes? Anyone? No? If you do then let me know cause I must’ve missed out on that lesson while I was writing about the human journey.

Not to mention I’m going to have to
worry about a rent check every month, really planning out my financial situation. I really rather not care about those things.

But we all must grow up. Let this be a lesson to all you underclassmen. College doesn’t go on forever so you should do what you really want and just be able to say that you loved it here after you’re done.

So pretty much when you come to the
decision of going to a darty or going to class, I think you know which one to pick.

She Said: Kelsey Hor 

The senior class of 2017 is about to graduate in a couple of weeks. Although I still have one more year to go, I am still taken back by the fact that in around 11 months or so, that will be me.

You start to ask yourself, am I really ready for the real world?

As a rising senior, I still have some time on my hands to be in college. When you can just be a kid for another year and have limited responsibilities.

Now when I mean limited responsibilities I can speak for most people in my year and can say not having the responsibility to pay for housing bills, your full financial education payments, and among other things varying from person to person.

Senior year is the last year to make the most of the memories you want to have in college. Are you going to make that change in yourself that you always wanted to before your time at school is up? It is time to do what you want with your friends while you still get to see each other on a daily basis. You get to cherish all the interesting memories you had with each other before you go out into the real world.

Now for the class of 2018, going into our senior year could be a lot to swallow. Do we need to take on more internships? Do we need to join more organizations or activities before it’s too late? How do we know what we do will make us happy?

In this time frame many of us in or senior year will probably be searching to try to figure out what we actually want to do with our lives and what we plan on doing for the new couple of years after graduation.

Although we can only plan so much and have unexpected things happen to us whether good or bad, we can’t help but wonder for our own sacks what are we going to become.

Will what we planned to be when we thought about our lives a few years back be a reality or will we completely loose ourselves and be somewhere we never though we could that will make us learn and make us stronger as individuals.

As for the class of 2017, deciding on whether to live with your parents, continue on your education and go to graduate school to higher your degree level, or go into the work force and be completely independent is totally up to you.

Now is your time to get that job that you want to later possible get you that dream job you always wanted.

Although you maybe scared chances are everyone in your age range and your competitors for your dream job are also fearful as well.

It’s human nature to feel scared for the unexpected and be skeptical to what is to come. All I can say is to live in the moment and try your best to succeed. Who knows you might be rewarded when you least expect it for you hard work.

You know what they say, “some of the best things that happen will surprise you when you least expect it.”

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