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It is Monday at 8 p.m. – are you sitting down and tuning in to “The Bachelor”?

“Every Monday night, I look forward to relaxing on the couch with my friends to watch “The Bachelor.”  We all gather together and eat snacks and drink wine and gossip about the show. There is so much drama that happens, it makes each week exciting to watch,” said senior Brooke Dado.

“The Bachelor” is a reality dating television show on ABC where contestants go on to find their potential spouse. On this season of “The Bachelor,” 30 women were selected to try to win Peter Weber’s heart.

“For us as viewers it is exciting to pick our favorites after the first episode and see how far they will make it throughout the show. Madison is a clear frontrunner for this season and is personally one of my favorites,” said junior Ashley Gugliotti.

Each week, Pete selects who gets to go on group or one-on-one dates. After each week, Peter has a rose ceremony where he eliminates contestants that he does not see a future with.

“I like watching the rose ceremony on ‘The Bachelor’ because it is a thrilling way for the viewers to see how Peter is feeling about each contestant and it is exciting to watch contestants go home each week as it gets closer to the finale,” said junior Colleen Walsh.

In addition, many Sacred Heart students prefer to watch “The Bachelor” with friends.

“‘The Bachelor’ is so much fun to watch with your friends because everybody gets so excited watching people get really upset over the smallest things and fight over a boy. If I watched it by myself, it definitely would not be the same,” said sophomore Gabrielle Gregor.

While many students look forward to watching the show every Monday, others dislike the idea of the show.

“I feel as though the idea behind the show is all fun and games. However, the show is objectifying women by putting them against each other for the attention of one man. The show is hurting the immense amount of work and effort women have been putting in for decades to be looked at as equals to males,” said sophomore Kristine Udahl.

However, junior Brianna Costanza feels that this season of “The Bachelor” is one of the best.

“Everyone last season loved Peter and saw how real and kind he was. I think a lot more people are watching and are rooting for him to find love. He was one of my favorites last year, so I am more prone to watch every Monday,” said Costanza.

Although senior Deanna Nicolo is a fan of the show, she is less excited about this season.   

“I’m definitely less excited about Peter’s season than previous seasons, it’s been much more obvious the producers are trying to make stuff up to keep us entertained with something but I’d never stop watching ‘The Bachelor’ because of it,” said Nicolo.

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