Ready, SET, do you go?

BY Kaitlin Katzenback

Staff Reporter

You’re sitting in your dorm room with nothing to do, when suddenly you get an email notification about an event happening on campus. Do you go check it out, or would you rather spend the night in your room?

“Personally, I do enjoy going to the different events that Sacred Heart has to offer. They give students the opportunity to get out of their dorm rooms and be a part of an activity or event that they can enjoy with their friends,” said junior Mary Lattarulo.

This year, the university introduced a program called The First 50 Days. This program consisted of different events every day for the first 50 days of the semester. It was designed to help the freshmen class socialize.

“I think students enjoy going to these events because they are a great way to take a break from schoolwork and they also allow students to socialize in a relaxing way. My favorite events so far have been bingo and the escape room,” said freshman Emily Rosario.

Over the course of The First 50 Days, students had the opportunity to get a reading by a psychic, watch a hypnosis show and see a guest speaker appearance from YouTuber Cody Ko.

“I love getting involved and I also think Sacred Heart has a lot of fun things to do and why not take advantage of that, especially since most of them are free,” said junior Amy Obritis.

The Student Events Team, also known as SET, is responsible for putting together the majority of events and activities that are offered to students around campus.

“I think SET does a great job in choosing crafts and stuff to make. I know I’ve made some cool things like a tapestry, an engraved ring, stuff-a-bear, a custom mug and much more,” said Obritis.

Additionally, trips are occasionally offered for students at discounted prices. Most recently, SET helped organize a trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags.

In past years, during the Christmas season, students had the opportunity to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show.

“I always wanted to go to the Christmas Spectacular so when Sacred Heart offered it as a school trip, it was the perfect opportunity! They provided transportation there and back which was a huge help because at the time I did not have a car on campus. I enjoyed my experience on this trip and I would definitely go again if it were offered. It was a free trip to the city with a discounted price to an amazing show,” said senior Jill Wroth.

Events and activities are offered to students frequently and students say they feel well-informed about upcoming events.

“I do feel informed about different student events. Typically, I find out about these different events through email or by posters displayed throughout the halls,” said Lattarulo.

Furthermore, while many students said they enjoy the different events offered on campus, there are still new activities they would like to see.

“I would like to see Sacred Heart offer more city trips, board game nights, movie nights and cooking classes to teach students more about cooking,” said Obritis.

Next time you find yourself bored and with nothing to do, you can check out what student activities are being held on campus.

“I enjoy going to the different events Sacred Heart has to offer as it gives me something to do when I have nothing going on. When they offer events through the school it makes it easier for me and my friends to all go together,” said Wroth.

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