The Burger Brawls Series

One of the delicious burger options Sacred Heart student's can enjoy in the area. Photo by Alessandra Setaro/Spectrum.
One of the delicious burger options Sacred Heart student’s can enjoy in the area. Photo by Alessandra Setaro/Spectrum.

By Cody Zaro

Staff Reporter

When it comes to naming the top burger joint in Fairfield there are many options to choose from. Anything from Plan B to Sacred Heart University dining could be mentioned in the conversation.

Each person has their own criteria and standards that they hold a burger to. However, burgers are often a very common meal choice in our culture, but they can also offer an extreme level of diversity.

While most burgers consist of the same core ingredients like ground beef and cheese, the burgers around the Fairfield area get a little more exciting than that.

When visiting this topic, the first thought that comes into student’s mind is Merritt Canteen, a fixture in the Bridgeport area since 1942.

“Can’t match Canteen, right off the grill sloppy and ready to go,” said junior Stephen Thibault.

When it comes to this great American delicacy, there are plenty of different styles to spice it up. Burgers come in all shapes, sizes and weights.

Recognizing the many diverse styles of burgers are very important pieces when deciding who belongs at the top. You got your slim lean burger, fat juicy burger, and the cheesy messy burger.

Taking toppings into account is pivotal.

“A burger with more color doesn’t necessarily mean more flavor,” said Thibault.

A burger can be dressed a million different ways, but some notable toppings are bacon, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, onion, mayo, BBQ, peppers and any cheese of your choice.

Each and every person enjoys both a specific style and specific toppings.

“I was at Merritt last night and had an awesome bacon cheese burger, those are the best,” said freshman Augustus Pfisterer.

Alongside the Merritt Canteen, there are a few other burger joints that found their way into the conversation, such as Plan B or Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant.

“I try to get around to as many places as possible. Archie Moore’s has an awesome thick burger with some really nice decoration. Whenever someone asks me where to go, I always suggest Merritt, and in the same breathe Archie Moores,” said Thibault.

While Fairfield is riddled with places to find a great burger, students don’t have to venture far for a quality one.

“It’s definitely tough to compete with a place like Merritt, but if you’re looking for a good burger, Linda’s is a pretty good option, “said Pfisterer.

Though many wish that they could venture to these local burger joints more often than not, the reality is that many students are on a college budget.

“I try to do most of my eating on campus, it is a much more cost effective place to eat,” said graduate student Rahul Isaac.

On the rare occasion that a college budget grants the possibility for some off campus eats, students often find themselves heading to one of these highly recommended Fairfield burger joints.

“Thick, thin, or juicy, you can find the burger you’re looking for here in Fairfield,” said Thibault.

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