The Future of Gaming

By Cody Zaro

Staff Reporter

The future is often depicted with flying cars, holographic people and talking robots. However, through recent technological advancements the concept of virtual reality has expedited this far fetched imaginary world.

According to the Virtual Reality Society, virtual reality (VR) can be explained as a, “term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment, which can be explored and interacted with by a person.”

Our world may not have flying cars or holographic people just yet, but now it’s possible to dive into a virtual world that might. This evolution of gaming is an advancement that has provoked controversy regarding the price, the experience and the future of gaming.

“Many colleges and VR consumers are buzzing over the release of the new Sony PlayStation VR,” said senior Jim Kent.

Each of these devices has different capabilities and qualities. Additionally, these set ups require a different outlet to run on, such as a PlayStation or computer. Virtual reality is not only covering a wide range of quality but also prices at this point.

Since VR cannot operate without a persons hands on control, it can be an inconvenience for the cost that it is marketed at.

“I think that at this stage to purchase an entire VR set up is way too expensive for me. I am most likely going to have to wait for the prices to come down,” said junior Casey Reidy.

Although there are many people who have not experienced VR yet, those who have can find the positives and hope for a continual growth.

“I think the hype is real and I don’t see virtual reality dying down anytime soon. The possibilities of creating the next technology of the future are great with virtual reality,” said senior Cody Richard. “As long as there is a consumer push for virtual reality then there will be developers and companies trying to improve it.”

Virtual reality gives a gamer an experience that is more interactive than in past video game consoles. It has the ability to use your senses in a way to create a more immersive setting.

“The possibilities of putting yourself in a virtual reality looks absolutely amazing. Being an avid video gamer, I think that VR holds a similar concept but actually puts you in the game to be more interactive with it, giving you a more intense feeling while playing games like Call of Duty, allowing you to take part in it like you never could before,” said Kent.

For the elite few that have experienced VR, they understand how quickly it will change the way we live.

“It is still growing and will continue to grow in future years. There has even been talk of some computer developers (HP, Acer, etc) getting into the VR development ring, as well as the larger key players that are already involved. The possibilities of being able to fully immerse yourself into a fictional world is something that has enticed entertainers forever and now with virtual reality it is becoming more possible than ever,” said Richard.

The VR trend is growing worldwide and expanding to new companies, which is leading consumers to believe that it is something that could move in a predictable direction.

“With the continual release of new products and hardware improvements, VR is continuously getting better and is clearly here to stay,” said Richard.

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