Do You Sleep With Socks On?

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

For my entire life, I’ve been trying to figure out the most comfortable outfit for me to sleep in.

A recent groundbreaking discovery has led to this week’s debate. When it comes time for bed should people be keeping their sock on or throwing them into their laundry basket?

When I was a wee little baby I started out like any other child. I either slept in a full set a pajamas or an onesie.

However, I was still too young to be making my own decisions so that was the result of my mother’s doing.

For years I was hooked on sleeping in a full set of pajamas – pants, long sleeve shirts and even a robe to hang out in.

I had a set of pajamas for every night of the week just like when I was a little boy. The only difference from when I was a young boy was the fact that I got rid of the stuffed animal I used to sleep with (it was Little Bear).

It wasn’t until when I started going to high school that for some reason I would wake up really hot and sweaty.

You know what they say, puberty can do some weird things to a person.

The only way to adjust was for me to not sleep in pants and a shirt. My first idea was to sleep shirtless and in just my underwear. You’re welcome for the visual.

This worked for me up until college. Then something happened to my sleeping methods.

See I started to rent a house, which resulted in the inevitable utility bills.

And for those underclassmen that are really sheltered, people’s heaters commonly run on either gas or electric.

The houses with gas heaters are much more lucky since natural gas is extremely cheap. I am fortunate enough to have one of these heating systems, however, I am still a college student.

Like most college students, I am, as the hip children say these days, balling on a budget. So heat is pretty limited in my house.

And by pretty limited and mean non-existent. So you could imagine how cold my home gets during these harsh winter months.

Nevertheless I trekked on and tried some different pajama methods. The first thing I tried was to go back to my old ways and wear a set of pajamas.

That didn’t help because no matter how cold it was during the night I would still wake up way to hot and sweaty.

My next step would be to add more blankets, but I move around a lot so I would just end up kicking them off during the night and wake up freezing.

Another method that I realized I could try was wearing a winter hat to bed. I figured most of a person’s body heart comes off of their head so that would keep me nice and warm through the night.

Like I said I move around a lot so I would lose that hat in the middle of the night.

Finally, I came to the idea of sleeping with a pair of socks on. Genius. Let me tell you that this is one of the better discoveries since I started eating Mac N’ Cheese with a spoon.

Socks are highly recommended to sleep in. They keep you warm and don’t fall off during the night if you move around a lot.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

I always want to feel comfortable when I sleep. Then again, who does not want to be cozy and relaxed after a long day of work or classes?

Having socks on your feet when you sleep just seems like it would be too uncomfortable to deal with.

Unlike my friend Anthony, I find that sleeping without socks is the better way to go to ensure a relaxing and comfortable night’s rest.

The feeling one may get while wearing socks to bed could almost be equal to one feeling like they are wearing shoes to bed. It makes sense that many times, if an individual is not in flip-flops or sandals, it is normal to put on socks with your shoes.

It’s just human nature that one might associate wearing socks while sleeping with possibly also having shoes on while going to bed or taking a nap.

When someone moves in their bed, many times it is because they do not want to feel constrained or tied up within their covers. The more fabric you have the harder it becomes to freely move.

Not to mention you are now putting on your socks when you move around in your bed at night. It could just feel strange.

Socks can make you feel like you’re trapped. I mean who would want to wake up from a bizarre dream and feel something tight around their feet?

Socks just make everything seem so claustrophobic.

Another reason is sweating.

First, your body might get sweaty. Give yourself another couple of hours and then your limbs and feet will also become hot making it extremely hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Sweaty legs and feet is not a pretty way to feel when you wake up in the morning.

Now, since you are so hot and sweaty, you will probably have to take a shower.

The shower depending on your regular routine could take up to 10 minutes to an hour.

I understand this might be a stretch, but  we have all been through that situation at least once in our lives, right?

Then you have the prep to get ready, and as soon as you know it you’re running out the door just barely making it on time to class or work.

That whole process can be avoided by just being barefoot underneath your cozy covers.

In room temperature it seems perfectly fine to have a bunch of blankets.

Why just add to the many layers you already have on? Socks seem like a silly option when you could just feel the nice fuzzy fabric of your blankets.

You can even save some extra room in your laundry by not wearing socks to bed.  That is assuming you put a fresh pair on for the evening… Anthony, do you use a fresh pair? Or do you prefer the pair you have worn all day long?

This is a pretty hot topic and I guess it just comes down to personal preference.

Whether you choose to wear socks or not I hope you feel relaxed, comfortable and refreshed to start another great day.

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