Exploring the Pioneer Village

Sophomore Breana Gionta is excited to be living in the new Pioneer Village Residence Halls while also being steps away from Sacred Heart University’s newest dining hall.

“I love that the new dining hall is right next to my dorm room. It’s really helped me keep track of my eating schedule because it’s a 10 second walk,” said Gionta.

SHU’s completed Pioneer Village contains six residence halls, with the newest additions being Teresa of Calcutta Hall, Frances Xavier Cabrini Hall and Thea Bowman Hall. Combined, these three new dorms house around 450 to 500 students total, with Thea Bowman Hall connected to SHU’s newest dining location, Thea’s Abbey. Pioneer Village is located in the heart of campus and houses various grade levels, most of whom are sophomores.

“I love living on the Upper Quad because it is centrally located and I can walk to the Bobby Valentine Center, the SHU Pad, or grab a coffee at Starbucks in the main building,” said senior Lindsay Kassardy.

Many students residing in Pierre Toussaint Hall, Elie Wiesel Hall, Pier Giorgio Frassati Hall, Teresa of Calcutta Hall, Frances Xavier Cabrini Hall and Thea Bowman Hall say they are loving the beauty and social aspect of being at the heart of campus.

“There are constantly people outside, whether they are just hanging out, eating or playing volleyball, and it’s always so fun,” said sophomore Ava Zechinno.

Students living in these residence halls are also enjoying the food options available at Thea’s Abbey.

“I love the new dining hall in the middle of the village. So convenient and delicious,” said sophomore Grace Schiller.

Many students said that Thea’s Abbey is in a great location with a large indoor seating area, outdoor seating areas and outdoor grills used for special events.

“The dining hall is amazing, and I love how we are able to sit outside and get fresh air,” said Gionta.

Brianna Cilea, a sophomore living in Teresa of Calcutta Hall, said, “The common rooms are a great way to get into a new environment and out of your dorm room to study and get work done. It is also a great place to relax on a school night or watch TV with friends.”

Each residence hall in the Pioneer Village also has designated areas for students to socialize.

“I have made so many new friends while living in these dorms because there are so many areas to gather with people and get to know new faces,” said Kassardy.

Pioneer Village dorms also offer students their own bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette, lounge or living room, and spacious closets.

“The amenities that come with the buildings make me feel like I’m living in luxury. This was definitely my first choice of housing,” said Zecchino.

Students also said living on campus at Sacred Heart made being away from home easier.

“My favorite part about campus is that it makes me feel as if I am at home. Sacred Heart is such a warm and accepting school, and everyone here is so friendly, which makes being away from home so much easier,” said Gionta.

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