Move to Heal at SHU

In an effort to address the mental health struggles that are common for college students, Sacred Heart University unveiled its partnership with Move to Heal on January 24th, 2024. 

This pioneering initiative incorporates group workouts with support groups aimed at tackling mental health struggles, including trauma, addiction, grief, PTSD, and depression. 

Its mission is to foster a community of support and provide a safe haven for individuals to express themselves and embark on their journey torecovery.MovetoHealoperatesasanon-profitorganizationcommitted to offering these essential services free of charge, according to its official website. 

“Our vision is to be recognized and acknowledged as a community of support and a safe space for people to be themselves, speak their minds, and recover,” the Move to Heal site states, echoing the program’s core values and objectives. 

Move to Heal collaborates with local gyms, including Crossfit, to create an inclusive and inviting atmosphere, offering fitness classes and personalized coaching sessions. These physical activities are followed by group support meetings, allowing participants to connect both physically and emotionally with themselves and, hopefully, others with relatable experiences. 

“We encourage our members to bond physically through workouts, and on an emotional level at meetings. At Move to Heal – stigma evaporates, and EVERYONE is welcome!” expressed a spokesperson for the program, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. 

The innovative approach of Move to Heal reflects Sacred Heart University’s dedication to holistic student well-being and its broader mission to serve the community. By addressing mental health concerns through physical activity and supportive interventions, SHU aims to empower individuals to thrive beyond academics. 

As Move to Heal gains momentum and support, it signifies a significant step forward in the conversation surrounding mental health on college campuses. Sacred Heart University stands at the forefront of this progress. 

Students, faculty, and staff can attend the program on Wednesdays for the 4-4:30 pm workout and a 4:30-5:30 pm group support meeting in Bergoglio Hall.

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