New iPhone, Who’s This?

BY Mackenzie Maher

Staff Reporter

Do you plan to go out and purchase Apple’s newest release, the iPhone 11?

“The iPhone 11 is awesome,” said sophomore Jackie Champoux. “I definitely want to get it because it enables me to have more creativity since it has the three cameras for a wide range of pictures. I will be at the Apple store as soon as I can to get it.”

According to a release from Apple’s website, the two new phones are the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. A new feature that both of these phones include are triple camera systems in ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto settings.

Senior Brooke Dado recently purchased the iPhone 11 Pro in replacement of her old iPhone 8 Plus.

“I can tell a huge difference in the quality of the camera lens on this new phone compared to my old 8 Plus,” said Dado. “It is definitely more clear. I like the two times optical zoom telephoto a lot because it results in higher-quality shots than digital zoom.”

Many students say there are certain qualities that attract them to the new iPhone.

“I really loved the assortment of colors available for the iPhone 11, especially the purple one,” said junior Samantha Frank. “There is such a wide selection of new colors that have not been available for the older models.”

On the other hand, some students feel the new iPhone is not worth purchasing.

“It is overrated, because it is just a bigger version of the iPhone 10. I went to the Apple store to check it out and it is basically the same thing,” said sophomore Christina Chalis.

Many students say there are reasons that deter them from purchasing the iPhone 11, including the price tag. The iPhone 11 Pro retails for $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max retails for $1,099.

“The iPhone 11 is pretty expensive and I’m not sure if I would pay that much for the phone while my current phone works fine. It has extra features I do not necessarily need,” said Frank.

An iOS 13 update was also released for the iPhone 6 and all iPhones created after. Many students who did not buy the new iPhone 11 say they are pleased that they can have some new features on their current phone.

“I updated my phone to the new iOS and I like that I can change the appearance of my phone,” said sophomore Antonia Perino. “It can be light or dark mode which is a feature on the new iPhone. This especially comes in handy when my roommate is sleeping but I want to scroll through my phone in bed without the bright light bothering her.”

Senior James Mantione plans to get one of the new phones within the next few weeks.

“I am a big fan of Apple and think they have outdone themselves with the newest iPhone,” he said. “From the new colors, size, shape, all the way down to the mechanical structure, I think everything about this phone is outstanding.”

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