Why is Among Us So Popular?

Among Us is an app that originally gained traction through gamers uploading videos of themselves playing to YouTube and Twitch, which influenced people to engage in the game. Although the game was created in June of 2018, the app rose to the top charts of the App Store around two months ago.

Among Us is a space-themed multiplayer game where players can join online games or play with friends. Before the game commences, players are notified if they are a “crewmate” or the “imposter.” The crewmates complete tasks around the spaceship while the imposter tries to secretly kill off the crewmates without being caught.

The immense popularity of Among Us has influenced many students to play daily.

“I typically play for 30 to 60 minutes a day or every other day depending on how busy I am,” said sophomore Leslie Duda.

Others enjoy not only playing daily, but watching streamers share their experiences and tactics through uploading videos.

“I play Among Us on a daily basis with friends or in random online games, and I enjoy watching streamers play the game as well because you can also learn more about the game that way,” said junior Corry Brinken.

Some students say they first learned about the game and were exposed to Among Us through streamers.

“I first heard about it through a streamer I watch. A bunch of them started playing it, which is how the game got popular,” said senior Matt Lawrence. “I started playing two weeks ago, and it’s a fun game to play with friends.”

Although Among Us successfully gained and kept the attention of many students, others have not been convinced enough to download the app.

“I feel like there’s so much hype about it that it makes me not want to download it,” said junior Jackie Champoux. “It does not really interest me because I do not play many games, and I am honestly too busy.”

Similarly, others do not feel a dire need to download the game nor feel like they are missing anything.

“I haven’t downloaded Among Us just because I do not feel a lot of pressure to. Even though it’s popular, I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I am not much of a game person in general,” said junior Tori Hanuschak.

On the other hand, the game attracts many players due to its suspenseful and mysterious qualities.

“I think the mystery aspect of the game is what drew me in. I think what’s most appealing about the game for me is the whole idea that either you’re a crewmate trying to do tasks and not die or you’re the imposter trying to not get caught,” said Duda.

Additionally, the strategy of the game draws people in and keeps students entertained.

“It’s also a strategy game where you don’t know who’s trying to kill you or who’s trying to help you,” said Lawrence. “So it’s super entertaining and keeps you locked into it while you play.”

Among Us also allows players to collaborate and communicate in the game in order to figure out who the imposter is.

“The cooperative and collaborative aspect of the game and working with others is fun as well. I also think it’s fun being the imposter and having a devious strategy in trying to win,” said Brinken.

Some students that have not downloaded Among Us predict that they will eventually start playing due to its popularity and good reviews they have heard.

“Although I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, I’m probably going to end up downloading it anyway. I haven’t heard any bad reviews on it,” said Hanuschak. “Almost everyone I know has the game, and it seems like a fun thing to do with friends.”

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