No More “SHU-Flex”

Sophomore Daniella Bruno is excited to finally have a semester with fully in-person classes after Sacred Heart University implemented hybrid classes her freshman year.

“I am so happy that classes are fully in person this semester. I enjoy going to all of my classes and I feel like I am finally getting the full college experience and learning better,” said Bruno.

The Coronavirus Planning Team sent out an email on March 16 stating, “Because we anticipate that the public health situation come fall will be considerably better than it is now, we are planning NOT to implement a SHU-Flex approach in the fall. This means, in part, that students will not be Zooming into their classes in lieu of in-person attendance, as is done with SHU-Flex.”

Many students were thrilled about this news, as it brought a sense of normalcy to their lives at school.

“I think retuning to normalcy has been long overdue, and I think it’s best to try to return to pre-Covid life as much as possible,” said senior Nicole Marinaccio.

Some faculty members are also excited that there are no more hybrid classes.

“I agree with the decision to get rid of SHU-Flex, as long as we can safely have full student and staff presences on campus, and it seems we can have that, with the university’s decision to require vaccinations,” said Prof. Brian Stiltner of the Department of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. “It feels good to be fully in person so that students can interact with me and with each other.”

Some students have concerns about there being no “SHU-Flex” option if they do contract Covid-19 or are in close contact with someone who did.

“I don’t think getting rid of SHU-Flex was the best option because if a student has to quarantine, it will be hard to catch up on assignments without being able to Zoom in on the classes for those 10 days,” said junior Gianna Romagnoli. “The pandemic is still very real and affecting a lot of people as we see the rise of cases on campus.”

The Coronavirus Planning Team has found a new way to accommodate students if they contract or are exposed to Covid.

On Aug. 6, the Coronavirus Planning Team stated, “Although there will not be SHU-Flex in the fall, that does not mean you will be left behind should you get sick and need to miss a few classes. As always, your professors will work with anyone who has to miss more than two consecutive classes because of illness or the need to isolate or quarantine. This could include recorded lecture, virtual office hours or alternate instruction, and supplemental course materials as appropriate.”

Some students do not agree with the decision to implement fully in-person classes.

“I feel that with the rise of cases on campus over the past week, we should not have a full class of students on top of each other in a classroom,” said junior Haley Sullivan.

Current sophomores have had to adjust to fully in-person classes since hybrid classes is all they know.

“Although it has been an adjustment, I feel like I can focus more on my schoolwork and learn better in person than back and forth from my computer one day to in person the next day,” said sophomore Jalen Madison.

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