2022 College Football Title Up for Grabs

With the college football regular season ending, the College Football Playoff is right around the corner.

The playoff is determined by a committee that selects who they think are the best four teams in college football.

“Right now as it stands it will be Georgia, Michigan, Texas Christian University (TCU) and the University of Southern California (USC),” said junior Ethan Dubrovsky. “I think we could see both Michigan and Ohio State making it if USC loses this week since Ohio State only has one loss.”

Georgia won the National Championship last year and have continued their dominance this season. They are 13-0 and are currently the top ranked team in college football.

“Georgia is the best team. They have played the best throughout the season,” said freshman Domenic Vecchiarelli.

The number two ranked team in college football is Michigan. They also have a chance to win the national championship.

“Michigan has one of the best defenses in college football, which is huge because college football is very offensively oriented,” said junior Justin Alter. “That is why I think Michigan should be favored to win the national championship.”

With the season coming to an end, that also means that the Heisman Trophy presentation is approaching. The Heisman Trophy is given to the best player in college football each year. 

“I think it will go to either [USC QB] Caleb Williams or [Ohio State QB] C.J. Stroud. If USC makes it to the college football playoffs, I think it goes to Williams,” said Dubrosky. 

Every year in college football, there are a few teams that come out of nowhere and surprise everybody.

“Tennessee lost to Georgia, but overall they had a great season. Also, North Carolina was a surprise. They were 6-7 last year and they went 9-3 this year,” said Vecchiarelli. 

There are also teams every year that fall below expectations.

“Texas A&M had the highest ranked recruiting class of all time coming into this season and they finished 5-7. It’s highly disappointing with how well Jimbo Fisher has recruited,” said Dubrosky. 

One of the biggest story lines in college football right now is whether or not Jackson State Head Coach Deion Sanders will leave and accept a coaching job somewhere else.

“The top conferences in college football are the SEC and the Big Ten. I could see him going to one of those conferences to build up a legacy,” said Alter. 

Deion Sanders, who had a hall of fame career as a player in the NFL before becoming the head coach at Jackson State, is getting interest from several schools after leading Jackson State to a perfect 11-0 record this year. 

On Dec. 2, Sanders took the head coaching position at the University of Colorado, a Pac-12 school coming off of a 1-11 season. 

Georgia and Michigan are the number-one and -two seeds, respectively, with both having gone 13-0 and winning their conference. 

TCU, despite an overtime loss in the Big-12 title game, found their way to number three, where they will play Michigan, and Ohio State ended up at number four thanks to USC’s loss in the Pac-12 title game and will play Georgia.

The College Football Playoff will begin on Saturday, Dec. 31, with the playing of the Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl. The winners of those two games will play in the National Championship, which will take place on Jan. 11.

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