Kickline Becomes a Club Sport

By: Nicole Bott

Staff Reporter

Kickline encompasses dancing with pom-poms and high kicks that requires synchronization, precision, and teamwork. People usually relate it to the Radio City Rockettes for reference.

These routines are carefully thought out and put on a great show. The kickline team has recently left the dance program and is now a club sport. They bring complex and fresh routines to games and competitions.

“No matter how many people are seeing the routine, I always want it to be great and entertaining for the audience, yet challenging for the team,” said senior captain Lauren Garizio. “I am very excited for more students on campus to see what our team does and for us to share what we love to do.”

Becoming a club sport has been a transition for the team.

“We now have access to the athletic trainers, which can be beneficial since kickline can be demanding on the body,” said sophomore Hannah Wilson.

Kickline also introduced a new coach in the fall, Samentha Samuel. Samuel is from Long Island and commutes to Sacred Heart to coach the team.

“I have been a kickline coach for 14 years. I started when I was 19 years old as an assistant coach at Garden City High school in New York,” said Samuel. “I was the coach of Lauren Garizio’s high school team. She was the one coordinating and choreographing for kickline while it was in the dance program.”

As a club sport there are many opportunities for kickline to expand their program. They will have more performances in the years to come.

“In the past, kickline performed at competitions. As a club sport we will now be performing at football and basketball halftimes as well as campus events and local and statewide competitions,” said Garizio.

Kickline is a group effort sport because if one person falls out of line then the whole routine can be messed up.

“I joined freshmen year while it was in the dance program and it was the dance I had been assigned to. Since then I have loved it and made great friendships because of it. I like the feeling of being part of a team. Kickline is a team effort, and you grow as a team. If one person doesn’t succeed the whole team doesn’t,” said senior Elizabeth Laporta.

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