Men’s Lacrosse to “Face-Off for a Cause” With Hobart

The men’s lacrosse team playing hard in the hopes of defeating Hobart. Photo by Sacred Heart Athletics.

By Mark Morales

Staff Reporter

The Sacred Heart University men’s lacrosse team will be playing in their annual, “Face-off for a Cause” game on Saturday, March 25 at home against Hobart College.

“Face-off for a Cause” is a lacrosse game hosted by the men’s team in order to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2003. According to, it is a charity, as well as a veteran’s service organization, that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of military actions.

The men’s lacrosse team has played this game for the past four years now and they raise about $2,500 per year.

They were able to raise almost $10,000 during their first year because of their involvement in “The Patriots Cup” while in Texas. This event was also a Wounded Warrior Project event.

“It’s something that is very important to us, we have a lot of guys in our program with families who are military people. My family is a military family and it’s something we really like to get involved with,” said head coach Jon Basti. “I wanted to make sure that our program was more than just go to school and play lacrosse.”

The Sacred Heart men’s lacrosse team will be sporting special camouflage shorts with red, white and blue stripes on them.

They will also be wearing American flag camouflage themed cleats for the game to honor those who served and to help raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.

“They look really cool,” said senior Chase Godfrey.

The team will also be selling t-shirts for $25 to help raise money for the event.

The shirts will feature “Sacred Heart Lacrosse” on them and are available for purchase at the game on March 25, as well as outside 63’s during the week prior to the game.

This game is something that is important to the team and to the coaches as well. Most people know someone who is involved in the military in some aspect, and the team is hosting this event to show your support to friends and family who dedicate their lives to protect America.

“We’re trying to raise awareness and money for the wounded warrior project,” said Basti. “With all the soldiers coming back from war, they need help. We figured that we could do whatever we could.”

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