Op-Ed: Tiger Woods takes back the Masters


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Where were you for the 2019 Master’s Championship?

I was in my living room surrounded by friends. The room was quiet and the air was thin, as we all tried to grasp the enormity of the history unraveling in front of us.

From the moment I heard the words “Hello Friends” uttered from the silky smooth voice of an icon named Jim Nantz, paired with the sight of the meticulous fairways and greens of a golf course located in Augusta, Ga.

There are no words to truly describe the warmness that overcame a beating heart, as the story of a legend unfolded before my very eyes.

This is a story of agony and broken spirits, but also a story of passion and resilience, all in hopes to uncover the triumph of greatness.

This is the story of Eldrick “Tiger” Woods and his seemingly impossible journey to get back on top.

As the number of holes left to play decreased and the reality of the situation set in, Tiger wearing his coveted red Nike Sunday shirt, stepped up to the tee box of the historic 16th hole.

There was a yellow flag dancing in the southern wind 179 yards away as Tiger held an 8 iron. He took a deep breath, stepped up to his ball, and like millions of times, before he took his swing.

The ball landed less than two feet away from the hole, a fantastic shot, but all I remembered from this moment was the cheers of thousands of people, mesmerized by one man defeating Father Time.

It’s a tribute to the pain that has been endured, from the aching muscles in his back to the hardiness that was shown throughout his numerous rehabilitation processes.

At this moment there was no mention of the past affairs, the destruction of his family or hole left in his heart from the passing of his father Earl.

However, there was a brief moment of clarity, the youngest ever Master’s champion was about to do something special.

He finished the hole with a birdie to move to 14 under on the day.

After he finished up the 17th hole with a par and became one step closer to immortality.

With the green jacket in sight, Tiger sank a bogey putt to finish the tournament 13 under and capture his first major victory since the U.S. Open in 2008.

With the putter raised high in his left hand, and his right hand uncontrollably fist pumping, all the prior demons that plagued this 43-year-old man seemed to be a distant memory.

Tiger had just become the second oldest player to ever win on golf’s most hallowed grounds.

He was met with the open arms and smiling face of his 10-year-old boy, Charlie.

This was a moment reminiscent of 1997, when Earl and his boy Tiger shared a hug after his first Master’s win in the same exact spot.

His mother, who has watched Woods not just rise to mountain peaks, but fall deeper than the oceans, was also standing there with eyes filled with tears.

“It’s come full circle,” said Woods.

Maybe this win didn’t just mean a fifth Master’s championship for Tiger.

Maybe it meant a piece of him was finally restored.

Maybe it meant he could finally turn the page on his troubled past and no longer focus on the destruction that was caused both emotionally and physically.

This story has it’s light and it has it’s darkness like most things in our lives, but not even Hollywood could write a script that measure up to the unpredictability of sports.

One thing is clear; this tiger has his battle scars. They can always be used as a reminder of the past, but for now, it seems as though they are covered, and this beast has earned his stripes.

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