Sacred Heart’s Getting Stronger: New Club Powerlifting Team

Club powerlifting is a new club sport at Sacred Heart University (SHU). The program was founded by junior Ryan Tashman, The Spectrum’s web and graphics manager. The team is run by junior Antonio Lagana, who is the president of the club.

Many schools across the country have big powerlifting programs that offer scholarships for top powerlifting competitors. While powerlifting at SHU is brand new, it is now providing people who love the gym and the sport to compete in an activity they love.

“The team is not big at the moment. We have a lot of interest, and we hope to create a fun and safe environment for students to learn how to lift and advance their skills,” said Lagana.

New sports can be tough to advertise and grow, but that is not stopping these students from expanding the team. As the president, Lagana has multiple responsibilities.

“My job currently is running the social media accounts and reaching out to students to giving them the information they need to make an informative decision on if they want to join the team or not. I’m also trying to set up competitions and programs for the team,” said Lagana.

Some might wonder, what exactly is competitive powerlifting?

“Powerlifting is a sport that revolves around three main exercises: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. It’s a healthy way to stay active that combines strength and determination through weightlifting,” said Tashman.

These exercises are what powerlifters practice and use in competition.

“Put simply, powerlifting competitions are scored by who can lift the most weight in a specific workout,” said Tashman.

Powerlifting workouts are different from the workouts an everyday lifter might practice.

“Non-competitive lifting prioritizes lots of high- volume training and a lot of slower form as opposed to competition lifting which is quick and explosive,” said junior Ryan Vano.

Although there are differences between powerlifting and everyday lifting, they also have some similarities.

“Although my style of training is strictly hypertrophic, I will routinely add in compound lifts to shock my body and joints to progressively gain strength and muscle over time,” said Vano.

Even if you have never lifted before, powerlifting can be a great way to get involved on campus. Club sports in college are seen by many as a great way to compete and stay in shape.

“I came to college, never powerlifted or really weightlifted before with a gym so close on campus and a friend group who was eager to workout. I just showed up and as I kept doing it, I started to enjoy lifting,” said Lagana.
“Powerlifting is more than a sport to me. It’s a lifestyle and creates discipline, mental and physical strength, and friends that will last a lifetime. This sport is simply for anyone who wants to learn,” said Lagana.

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