“SHU Sports Report” Allows Students to Broadcast Pioneer Athletics

By Jack Sullivan

There are many ways to find out about what is happening in the sports community at Sacred Heart University.

The “SHU Sports Report” is one of those ways to keep up with the latest sports news on campus.

“SHU Sports Report” is a weekly produced show filmed in one of Sacred Heart’s studios. It takes place every Wednesday from around 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The show is taped and posted via YouTube on the Sacred Heart Athletics website on Thursday afternoons. Coverage includes all news from the Sacred Heart teams currently in season. It is posted weekly to sacredheartpioneers.com under “SHU Sports Network.”

“I love the material that the show covers because I think it is something we definitely need on campus,” said senior anchor Eugene Gonnello.

The show consists of segments known as the Update Corner and the Coach’s Corner. They bring in a coach from a team each week to talk about the team’s season and the sport.

Current Sacred Heart students and alumni work on the show to grow and learn how to be in the sports broadcast environment and expand their knowledge for their future  careers.

“It gives many the opportunity to gain hands-on
experience each week because that is something whether you are on-camera or behind the scenes, that can really move you forward in your search for a career,” said

With the many different aspects that come into play
in sports broadcasting, the show offers opportunities to people in multiple fields of broadcasting.

“I was initially attracted to the show because of the hands on experience that I could gain from working on
the show,” said junior Alexandra Padalino, who is also
Co-Sports Editor of The Spectrum. “My career-goal is to be a sports broadcaster and this offered me the opportunity to get repetitions on air as well as learn the production end of broadcasting.”

There are members of the show who are involved in many aspects so that they can help improve the show and their skills for future careers. This includes newcomers being taught the details and positions by those who are more experienced.

“I’m jack of all trades,” said Coordinating Producer Alexander Bousquet. “Although I am the coordinating producer for the show, I also direct, technical direct, write, proof and coordinate the scripts.”

Bousquet has been around the show for a number a years and loves what the show is all about.

“I took an athletic communications assistant position and that put me in charge of most aspects of the show. I went to college and have many years of experience in
video production so this is part of what I love and part of my career,” said Bousquet.

The show is a way to allow students to stay updated on the varsity sports on campus. Not only does it help the student body and others find out information, it exposes the hard work of all the show members.

“We have had multiple students get internships and jobs with the experience that they have gained from this show, which is the ultimate goal. It allows students to gain knowledge and experience in the field and bring it over to internships and jobs,” said Bousquet.

Sacred Heart Athletics and “SHU Sports Report” are working hard to help make Sacred Heart athletic news available to students and alumni in a variety of ways.

“I wish more people knew about the show in general,” said Gonnello. “We do a lot of good stuff on the school and it is cool, if you are a student-athlete, to hear your name called each week on the program and hear about you and your team’s accomplishments.”

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