Tyler Endee Named NFC Fencer of the Year

Sacred Heart junior, Tyler Endee, was named NFC fencer of the year. Photo by Sacred Heart Athletics.

By Kendall Clark

Staff Reporter

The Sacred Heart University co-ed Division I fencing team has completed another
successful season. They finished with a high ranking in tournaments, having fencers named to the all-conference team as well as having the conference fencer of the year, junior Tyler Endee, on the team.

“The achievement itself is fantastic, I’m extraordinarily happy with it. It’s something that I worked for this season very intently. I did the best that I could and I did it. So I’m very happy,” said Endee.

Though this is a prestigious accomplishment, Endee was more focused on giving back.

“What drives me? More so than anything, it’s to make others happy. I think I fence for my parents, my friends, my coach. So if I can fence and make them happy then that drives me,” said Endee.

No one is happier than the coach of the team, Yury Molchan.

“I was very proud of him because he showed how he can work together with his team. He is very brave; he can go from the beginning of the competition to the end of the competition. Not many people can do that and that’s why I’m very proud of him,” said Molchan.

Molchan’s motto is heart and integrity. He wants all of his fencers working hard but not taking any shortcuts. One can only achieve if he or she is willing to work for it.

“Yes, I would say that Tyler is a leader. Just based upon how he carries himself during practice and competitions, whether it’s leading in practice, or leading in tournaments. Tyler is always leading,” said Molchan.

Molchan had twelve of his fencers make the conference team and he wants more.

“Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. The better recruiting, the more titles. This is key,” said Molchan.

Sophomore Dante Centeno also views Endee as a leader.

“He’s a great leader who shows hard work and dedication to the team. He gives us all a helping hand when we need it, he’s a great leader and role model for us to follow, which makes us work harder for the goal of becoming fencer of the year,” said Centeno.

Endee’s spirit is rubbing off on his teammates.

“From a competitive standpoint, I really am aiming to be the best I can be on the fencing team. Tyler exemplifies that by having a 29-1 record, which motivates me to work even harder next year and to make it a priority that I win about every time I go out to fence,” said Centeno.

With another year to go, Endee is hoping for a big senior season.

“If I could go 29-1 again that would be perfect, if I could win conference fencer of the year again that would be perfect, but if I made it to NCAA’s then that would be the perfect way to end my career at Sacred Heart,” said Endee.

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