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BY Alex Caruso

Staff Writer

Takeout boxes have made their way to 63’s! As a new addition this semester, 63’s dining hall now offers a takeout option. The boxes give students the opportunity to grab food to go or take a full meal from their traditional buffet setup.

63’s has been serving the Sacred Heart community for countless years as the Pioneer food court in the academic building. Its large selection of food makes it a popular location on campus for students and faculty to sit down and eat a fresh meal. The only catch beforehand was the fact that you had to sit down and eat the food while you were there.

“We wanted to make 63’s even more convenient to students and faculty that may not have the time to sit in the dining hall to enjoy their meals,” said Kayla Blanchette, Marketing Director for 63’s Dining. “We noticed a lot of students trying to fit in their meals between classes, meetings, and practice.”

Blanchette went on to discuss the success of the new takeout option at 63’s, crediting the growing class sizes on campus for its popularity.

“Customer participation and satisfaction seems to be at an all-time high in the 63’s dining hall, with more and more guests using the takeout option everyday,” said Blanchette.

For one meal swipe, or $12.99 of dining dollars, anyone can walk in and request a takeout box from 63’s. With a wide range of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner available throughout the day, many students can benefit from the takeout option at 63’s.

Finding out when your favorite meal is available at 63’s has never been easier as the entire weekly menu is available online for everyone to see. You can find out what is being served at every SHU Dining establishment at www.dineoncampus.com/SHU/whats-on-the-menu.

“I think it’s a great addition to 63’s! I always found myself skipping meals because I had no time to sit down and eat. It gives students in a rush a prime opportunity to grab a nice, balanced meal on the go,” said junior Michael Tiso. “I like all of the options that 63’s has to offer, but my favorite meal is chicken parmesan with a side of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.”

The popularity of the takeout option at Linda’s dining hall inspired bringing the program to 63’s. This semester, Linda’s has adopted the red plates that 63’s uses to serve their food, making the takeout boxes completely optional for those who are interested.

The new 63’s takeout option is available all day in the main academic building until closing at 8 p.m. every evening. Students and faculty members at Sacred Heart can take advantage of this new service for the rest of the semester and more semesters to come.

“We have more guests than ever at 63’s,” said Blanchette. “We are going to continue the program as long as students and guests are enjoying it.”

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