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Did you know that Sacred Heart University’s very own Pollinator Garden opened on April 24? And did you know that one of its features includes rocks painted by Sacred Heart students as part of the Kindness Rocks Project?

The Pollinator Garden is located at West Campus and is easy to reach. In preparation for its official opening day, the Environmental Club, Biology Club, Biology Department and various volunteers spent many hours of hard work preparing the land, planting flowers, laying a woodchip path, picking up litter and painting bird houses, bee houses and rocks.

The clubs and organizations involved in creating the garden want to make it a welcoming space for students, faculty, staff and members of the greater community. Students and faculty will be able to use the area for research, volunteers will tend to the garden and the space will provide a beautiful space to relax, think and study in the embrace of nature.

One of the features of the garden is the Thinking Path, a winding woodchip path that takes you through the entire garden. In addition, there are two peaceful ponds in the area, as well as plenty of natural wildlife and plants to marvel at while you walk along.

Another feature are the rocks laid along the path, several of which have been painted by Sacred Heart students. Rock painting is a fun and cathartic activity, and you can paint rocks as part of the Kindness Rocks Project, which is dedicated to sharing positive messages, uplifting people and sharing inspiration and love.

While anyone can make a rock garden, the Kindness Rocks Project offers a place for people to connect and get inspired to create their own rock painting groups. The Pollinator Garden crew wanted to undertake a similar project and bring kindness to the place they have worked so hard to bring to life.

The garden is not only a home for bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife, but also for all of us at Sacred Heart and in the wider community. So, as you stroll along the Thinking Path and cherish the beauty of nature, take a moment to find a rock and embrace its message of love and kindness.

You can learn more about the Kindness Rocks Project here: For more information about the Pollinator Garden, feel free to reach out to Jill Amari at or contact the Environmental or Biology Clubs.

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