Family Weekend

BY Elizabeth Coyne

Contributing Writer

On the weekend of Oct. 18 through Oct. 20, Sacred Heart University invited the families of students in every grade to come and join the school during Family Weekend.

This year’s annual Family Weekend was themed “The Magic Starts Here” and included an activity-packed agenda.

These activities included a tailgate party followed by a football game, a champagne continental breakfast with Sacred Heart President Dr. John Petillo, and even a concert titled “Heroes and Legends,” featuring the university’s own choral ensembles.

Aside from these experiences, the feature event of the weekend was a performance from famous illusionist, Adam Trent. Trent has been a featured guest on Ellen, America’s Got Talent, The Today Show and Disney Channel, along with many other television programs.

Bringing a newer addition of technology to traditional magic, Trent gave the students and their parents at Sacred Heart a night of entertainment.

Many students reunited with their family who they haven’t seen since August.

“When I was a freshman it was so nice to see my family after being away for so long and when they got to campus, I felt like it was my home away from home,” said sophomore Maddy Donovan. “I enjoyed family weekend a lot. The activities campus holds are always so fun and the pumpkin painting was the best one in my opinion.”

Many other students felt the same way about seeing their family and being able to show them their new life on campus.

“It made me feel so happy to see my family at Sacred Heart and get to show them where I go to class, the friends I’ve made, and so much more,” said sophomore Alyssa Agolia.

Some of the freshman students were looking forward to sharing their new experiences at Sacred Heart thus far with their family.

“I was so excited to see my family and I couldn’t wait to tell them about all of the progress I’ve made during my first semester at college,” said freshman Jack Sarkisian.

Families got to tour the campus grounds and see the new additions while also attending sporting events, movies and even Bewitched Bingo

“I was definitely looking forward to the tailgate and being able to go and watch the women’s rugby game on Sunday with my sister,” said freshman Ellie Kiernan.

The new Bobby Valentine Center also hosted a few events, allowing families to explore the new building. People were able to bowl and climb the rock wall alongside their families.

“My parents signed my siblings and I up for the new rock wall in the Bobby Valentine Center and I was so excited,” said freshman Paige Hall.

Students over 21 were able to enjoy a night at Reds with their family or go to the wine and cheese event hosted in the guest house at West Campus.

“I was excited to be 21 this family weekend because it meant there was an even bigger list of things I could do when my parents came,” said senior Rebecca Lerner.

The weekend also included a tailgate and football game where Sacred Heart played against Duquesne University.

The football game was accompanied by the families of the athletes, dancers, cheerleaders and band members, cheering them on from the sidelines.

“I’m so sad this is my last family weekend. I was super excited to spend it with my mom and my dance team family at the tailgate. I love how involved everyone’s family gets in the game so it was great having everyone here,” said senior and dance team captain, Michelle Munos.


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