Farewell to He Said, She Said

BY Gina D’Amico

Perspectives Editor

Wow, it has come to that time where it is officially time to say goodbye to “He said, She said”. It still feels weird to me that I am not going to be coming up with topic ideas for this piece anymore. “He said, She said” was always a fun and interesting topic to come up with weekly. As an editor, it was always amusing trying to get creative with the topics to make people want to write them. Some “He said, She said” topics we used were Moe’s versus Chipotle, Spotify versus Apple Music, Texting versus Calling, Professional versus College Sports, Night versus Morning Classes, and Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj. We pitched the topic ideas on Sundays at our meetings and whoever had a strong passion about the subject would write their perspective on it. One of my favorite things about the section was reading the two different perspectives on how people felt. It was always interesting to hear why someone thought or felt a certain way regarding a certain subject. Some of the topics would be as simple as Night versus Morning Classes, but our writers would have a strong opinion on the subject. For example, one of my favorite topics I wrote about was on my feelings toward becoming a senior. Writing on the topic about becoming a senior in the “She Said” was my most memorable piece because I got to express my feelings about Sacred Heart. As an editor, I am so proud of how “He Said, She Said” was in the paper for over a decade. However, as Spectrum continues, some things need to change. Although people do love reading “He Said, She Said”, we felt as though the time was up for it and a change was needed. We are not exactly sure what we are going to replace it with, but we have a few ideas in mind. Spectrum is moving towards bigger and better things! So, as life moves on, I close this “She Said” with a simple farewell. Stayed tuned to what we have coming next.

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