First 50 Days: We’re Halfway There

The “First 50 Days” series began on the first day of the academic year. As the event series at Sacred Heart University continues, students find themselves immersed in exciting activities designed to foster a sense of belonging and engagement within the campus community.

The early days of the series included essential orientations, ensuring new students felt comfortable and informed about the resources available to them. These sessions helped build a sense of belonging, laying the foundation for a successful academic year.

Director of First-Year Programs, Katherine Morovich said, “Each first- year student is given a booklet in their first FYE class. We also give out these booklets to a bunch of offices on the main campus and they could go online to”

The calendar is packed with exciting happenings, including live music performances, movie nights under the stars, community service projects, and informative workshops on career development and academic success.

The calendar is filled with opportunities to make friends and get involved.

On day 27, a drive- in movie night is planned on 63’s lawn, featuring the beloved show, “Friends,” for students to enjoy under the open sky.

Orientation co-chair and sophomore Stasia Dussault said, “By attending these events, joining clubs, and leaving your room, there is always something to do on campus, and all you must do is take that first step.”

The event series is filled with a diverse range of activities that cater to a wide array of interests. From sports enthusiasts participating in intramural games to art aficionados engaging in creative workshops, there is something for everyone.

The upcoming days promise engaging events, including thrilling pool tournaments, a pioneer fireworks display, and a trip to Salem, Mass.

Many of these events have already garnered considerable anticipation, with Taylor Swift Night and the “Stuff-a-Bear” activity being early crowd-pleasers.

These First 50 Days events are not only significant for students but also play a crucial role in boosting the visibility and involvement of clubs and organizations on campus.

Vacca said, “It gets their names in front of a lot more students, and on the flip side, it’s important for students that are here, not necessarily just for first-year students but for students looking to get more involved.”

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