Freshman Spotlight

BY Robbie Finizio

Contributing Writer

From the start, I knew that Sacred Heart would be the place for me. After two open houses and tours, an interview, accepted students day, and freshmen orientation, it was clear to me that this is where I’d like to call home for the next four years.

Although it is nearly impossible to visualize what the college experience entails without really experiencing it for yourself, I was able to see myself enjoying everything that Sacred Heart has to offer.

I definitely had some anxiety going into move-in weekend, as my rooming situation wasn’t definite until just a week before school started. Originally, I was in a triple in Roncalli, then it was a single in Toussaint, and last, but certainly not least, a suite in Bergoglio.

When Aug. 25 rolled around, I was a lot less nervous than I thought I would be. I was actually very excited to meet everyone and begin my journey in Fairfield.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the structure of college classes, and the way they are spread out is much better than the typical high school schedule. Some days I have an 8 a.m., and other days I have no class, which I have adjusted to really well.

Another thing that I really enjoy about school that many freshmen who attended private schools can relate to is the freedom of dress code. It is so nice to be able to wear sweats and UGGs to class instead of a shirt and tie with khakis.

The greatest thing that I have gotten to experience thus far is the kind and warm community that exists within Sacred Heart. I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many great friends in my dorm, in my classes, and in clubs as well.

I have had the privilege of having excellent professors who are challenging me in the classroom like never before. Unlike high school, professors leave the work and the responsibility of the class to you, which I really enjoy because it has improved my work ethic and makes me much more accountable.

There is a learning curve, however, that comes in the midst of your first semester. Getting enough sleep for class, knowing when to do laundry, when to do homework, and many other typical things that a college freshman worries about. And of course, there is the homesickness that is very natural and went away for me quicker than I thought.

For the first few weeks, I definitely felt remnants of homesickness, especially after I would call one of my parents to check in on how everything is going. The important thing I learned about this is the best way to deal with homesickness is to meet people, join clubs, and get involved as much as you can.

The more I became involved and the more I talked to people around me, the better my experience became because of that. I started to feel like this was where I belong, and now I have friendly faces all over campus.

One of the best pieces of advice I got before coming to college from family and friends was that you should make the most of your time at school and get involved as much as possible. I’m sure all you freshmen reading this got the same talk before you came here, and I hope you are taking that advice because it really is the truth.

The other advice I got for college was that when they are giving out free stuff, take it. I have never been exposed to so much free pizza and t-shirts in my life, and I am certainly not complaining.

It has been a great semester and I know the future holds even better opportunities. I am enjoying my time here and can say with certainty that I made the right choice coming to Sacred Heart.

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