Fairfield’s Restaurant Week

Fairfield’s Restaurant Week is used to celebrate the wide variety of restaurants while giving the public an opportunity to visit their favorite eateries or try new ones, with some offering discounts and specials. This year’s annual restaurant week was held from Oct. 25 to Nov. 7 with over two dozen restaurants participating.

“Fairfield’s Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to get out and have a girls’ night out with my friends while supporting the local restaurants in my area, especially considering the impact of the pandemic,” said junior Autumn Garofola.

Some students were left in the dark about Fairfield Restaurant Week, along with the discount and specials that were being offered.

“I was not aware of what Fairfield Restaurant Week was, so I wished the school sent an email blast or planned a shuttle trip to give Sacred Heart students the opportunity to go downtown and dine locally,” said senior Dreya Weaver.

Some students decided to treat themselves with lunch and dinner specials being offered all last week.

“The deals definitely have made me consider taking the time to eat out and treat myself more. I often go to Colony Grill, so I plan on taking advantage of their $30 dinner special,” said junior Isabella Fazio.

Colony Grill seems to be a popular place for those Sacred Heart students who prefer to dine off-campus.

“My absolute favorite pizza has to be Colony Grill’s salad pizza; I love their thin crust, and the dressing they use is to die for,” said senior Hailey King. “I love both salad and pizza; it is a healthier and unique alternative to any other kind of pizza I’ve had.”

Some students enjoyed the group specials offered at some restaurants since they were able to enjoy the deals with their friends.

“My friends and I enjoyed the specials at our favorite spot Flipside Burgers, like the small plate appetizer special and the pick two specialty burgers for $35,” said sophomore Jessica Zarrilli.

Other students have stepped out of their comfort zone and tried new restaurants.

“Restaurant Week is always a great excuse to try out new restaurants that I’ve always wanted to try but never got the chance to,” said Garofola. “I tried Little Pub and I highly recommend getting either the taco salad, French onion soup, or buffalo mac and cheese, which is one of my favorite comfort foods and is just spicy enough to handle.”

Some students hoped the week could help lessen the pandemic’s effects on the eateries.

“Supporting local businesses is important to me because they usually do not make nearly as much money as corporations,” said senior Christian Haase. “I think it’s unfortunate that the non-local businesses are more widely known and are more likely to be the first choice when it comes to eating out, especially when the local businesses struggle the most and currently need the support more than ever.”

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