How Do You Celebrate?

“This upcoming Christmas, I will be going to Cleveland, Ohio to see my cousins and my grandmother,” said freshman Maggie Brigioli. “My favorite part usually around this time of the year is seeing my relatives, since I do not get to see them very often.”

Brigioli is one of many in the Sacred Heart University community who looks forward to celebrating the holidays during this time of year. With the fall semester coming to an end, heading back home, getting together with loved ones and taking part in yearly traditions will be some of the many ways students close out 2022.

On traditions, students around campus have unique experiences when it comes to spending the holiday season with their loved ones. Sophomore Jakob Sargent has the chance to celebrate a multitude of festivities at the end of December, something which he does every year.

“Usually, my family and I go out for dinner on the 23rd for my mom’s birthday every year,” said Sargent. “After that, Christmas Eve is spent at my father’s grandparents’ neighborhood. We like to go to our favorite diner called the Lakeside Diner in Stamford for brunch. I think my favorite part of the whole experience of the holidays is shopping when I get all my gift cards together!”

“Every year, my family and I like to go to New York City and visit the famous Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center,” said sophomore Gianna Simmons, “I love it because I do not only get to enjoy time with my family, but I can see other people’s reactions to the tree and see the amount of joy it gives them. It brings a sense of warmth to the atmosphere.”

Aside from the festivities that come along with the holidays, having family at their sides is comforting to some. Freshman Roberto DeCosta, who is an athlete on the track and field team, most looks forward to Christmas so that he can see his family.

“Usually, my whole family comes up and we spend time with each other giving gifts,” said DeCosta. “Being with each other just makes Christmas the best because I’m with the people I love and I’m around people who care about everyone there and that makes Christmas the best, and we eat a huge meal–that’s always fun.”

As we end the semester, students tend to have high stress during finals season. The holiday season will be a stress reliever to some students. Activities range from high energy levels to hanging out and watching a movie.

“I usually spend Christmases with my family, our favorite tradition is watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ on Christmas Eve,’’ said junior Cody Davis. “I’m very excited for the holidays this year.”

Jordan Greene contributed to this article.

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