English Club’s Open Mic Night

You walk into the Sacred Heart University’s MartireForum and see a floor covered in balloons, a table full of snacks and many smiling faces. You’re at English Club’s Open Mic Night.

On Thursday, Sept. 7, the English Club at SHU hosted its first Open Mic Night of the year, during which students came together to listen and engage in each other’s performances.

Kailey Blount, one of the editors of Audrey’s Corner, is president of the English Club and is often the one who announces the events.

“I like that the English Club Open Mic Nights bring like-minded people together and allows them to express themselves in a safe space where they can unapologetically be themselves,” said senior Jessica Fontaine, who has been performing at the events for the past two years.

Writing wasn’t the only component as many students played instruments and some even sang renditions of songs. 

“Last year, I sang a couple of Taylor Swift songs and played ukulele to them,” said Fontaine. “I picked them because I love singing and expressing myself through music.”

Senior Ben Carson chose to play his guitar and sing “Hallelujah.” He also sang an original song entitled “Hope You’re Happy” written in collaboration with senior Jill Amari, Head Copy Editor and the second editor of Audrey’s Corner.

“What I really like about the English Club’s Open Mic Nights is the inclusive environment,” said graduate student Courtney Blount. “Everyone is able to share their creativity and be heard.”

The English Club regularly hosts events, which include performance pieces from members of the community who volunteer. Anybody is welcome to attend these events and perform, regardless of if they are a member of the English Club.

“The Open Mic Nights better the SHU community because they allow anyone to join and share a talent if they want to and we all support them,” said Fontaine.

The English Club works to create an environment where voices of the community can be heard and shared. The Open Mic Night event was one of many lined up for the First 50 Days event series.

According to the Sacred Heart website, “The First 50 Days event series includes campus-wide programs aimed to make you feel at home.” 

Freshman Brianna Rossback mentioned that the First 50 Days has been a highlight of her first fall semester as a college student. 

“I really enjoyed the involvement fair because I had the opportunity to meet so many different people and I was able to learn about everything our campus has to offer,” said Rossbock.

There are an array of distinct events and programs that are happening each day so that students can get an idea of all the different aspects of the Sacred Heart community.

For more information on upcoming 50 First Day events and schedule, visit www.sacredheart.edu/50.

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