Is It Ever TOO Early for Christmas Tunes?

When do you start listening to Christmas music?

For some students at Sacred Heart University, the Christmas season starts as early as Nov. 1.

“I start listening the second Halloween is over,” said senior Sophia Kostiw. “I feel like the holidays don’t feel as long as when I was a kid, so I have to drag it out so it’s longer.”

“Christmas music starts Nov. 1. Halloween is my favorite holiday but then it’s Christmas time,” said senior Allie Cimaglia. “Oct. 31 it’s ‘Monster Mash.’ Nov. 1 it’s Michael Bublé.”

While some students like to get a head start on listening to Christmas music, others prefer to wait.

“I listen to Christmas music after Thanksgiving. I feel like if you listen to it before that, it takes away from Thanksgiving,” said junior Kate Bell.

“I start listening to Christmas music right when Dec. 1 hits,” said junior Mike Garofalo. “I don’t do right after Thanksgiving because I feel like December is when Christmas really starts.”

Some professors at the university also believe in waiting to listen.

“I’d love to see it begin a week after Thanksgiving. It’s two separate holidays with two different things,” said Prof. Joseph Alicastro, director of the graduate program in Journalism and Media Production at the School of Communication, Media, and the Arts. “I think it would help to not commercialize Christmas so much.”

The debate over the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music has left some students defending their stance.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday,” said senior Nicole Capuano. “I don’t understand why people wait to listen to Christmas music because it is such a happy feeling and brings so much joy. Why would you want to deprive yourself of that?”

Other students can understand the eagerness to get into the Christmas spirit, even if they choose to wait themselves.

“I think they’re just very excited for the holidays and there’s nothing wrong with that,” said junior Mario Montuori. “I start listening to Christmas music in December, though, because that’s when Christmas is.”

When it comes to what kind of Christmas music students enjoy listening to, there is a variety.

“I love Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, it’s so good. And Taylor Swift’s old Christmas album,” said Bell. “I grew up listening to them, so it just reminds me of being young and believing in Santa.”

“I love Michael Bublé, but the classics are my favorite,” said Cimaglia. “They make me feel good and make me feel like I’m still a child. I’m almost 22 but it makes me feel young again.”

While many students enjoy the more classic Christmas songs and artists, others appreciate the new music and covers that have been released in recent years.

“I like artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber giving new spins on Christmas music,” said Kostiw. “I think it brings recognition to the old artists too.”

“I like to listen to the newer Christmas music from Ariana Grande or even Kelly Clarkson. I also think Pentatonix makes cool Christmas music,” said freshman Nikki Luba.

If you like new Christmas music or new renditions of the classics, some pop artists have released songs and albums this year. According to Billboard, Lizzo recently recorded a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Someday at Christmas.” Camila Cabello released her cover of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Additionally, the Backstreet Boys released an entire album, featuring classic songs and three originals.

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