It’s the Great Pumpkin (Season), Charlie Brown!

How do you get into the fall spirit?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, fall officially starts on Sept. 22. However, for students like junior Kaitlyn Luba, it began a week ago.

“My roommates and I already started decorating last week inside and outside of our house,” said Luba. “We were very eager to start because we all love the fall and Halloween.”

While many students explained they had not begun fall festivities yet, they did voice their excitement for upcoming activities.

“I love going to the Silverman’s Farm in Easton, Conn.,” said freshman Victoria Matos. “I love doing the pumpkin picking and apple picking.”

Silverman’s Farm offers a wide variety of fall activities perfect for students looking to get their fall fix. According to their website, the farm is home to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard, as well as a country market where visitors can purchase produce and baked goods. They even have scenic tractor rides.

For Luba, a spot like Silverman’s Farm is a must this season. “I am excited for fun fall activities like haunted hayrides, pumpkin picking and having hot apple cider,” said Luba.

Fall is a time to relish in everything spooky and pumpkin spice, but for some, it is a time marked by sports.

“When I think of fall, I think of football. I love cheering for the Jets on Sundays,” said junior Daniel Godley. “I hate fall because school starts but I love it because of football and playoff baseball.”

Other students expressed disdain with the season for a major reason: the weather.

“The only thing I don’t like about fall is the ‘in-between weather,’” said freshman Sarah Foley. “One day it will be 45° and cloudy and then the next day it will be 75° and full sun.”

Despite the changes in temperature, many students said they enjoy the fall foliage, especially on campus. However, the scenery isn’t the only thing students are excited about this fall.

“For fall, I am really excited about school spirit picking up as more football games are going to be home later in the season this year,” said Foley. “I have always been a big football fan and since I am a freshman, I’m really excited to experience and be able to see Division I games here at SHU.”

In addition to cheering on the football team and taking in the fall scenery, students can get into the fall spirit with help from the Student Events Team (SET).

“This year the theme [for Fall Fest] is ‘Wild West’ so think of a very country, southern family BBQ backyard vibe!” said senior Kelsey Akoury, annual events chair for SET. “If we simply had it fall themed it would be the same every year, so we aim to have a theme and make it different each year for the students!”

Looking for events more fall or Halloween related? SET still has it covered.

Senior Samantha Henry, theme chair for SET, announced that Harvest Week is dedicated solely to Halloween and fall events.

Harvest Week is Oct. 17-21 with most activities taking place on 63’s lawn, while Fall Fest will take place Oct. 22 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. also on 63’s lawn.

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