She Will Be Loved…For Now

If you’re on social media, you may have noticed the recent stories of celebrity men cheating. In the span of just one month, two major cheating scandals have gone public involving Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Try Guys member Ned Fulmer.

“Celebrity men feel entitled because they have so much, so they cheat even on the best [women] when they shouldn’t,” said sophomore Gabriel Concepcion.

The scandal surrounding Levine was ousted by the woman he was cheating with, Instagram model Sumner Stroh, in a TikTok video.

Levine posted a statement on his Instagram story just two days after Stroh’s video, saying, “I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed a line during a regrettable period in my life…. My wife and my family is all I care about in this world.”

Some Sacred Heart students have strong opinions on the scandals, especially with Levine.

“If it was just DMs (Direct Messages), it wasn’t that bad, but I don’t condone it,” said junior Victor DiPierro. “If he was unhappy, he should’ve said it wasn’t working out.”

However, some students see cheating through DMs to be just as bad as any physical cheating.

“I don’t like how he cheated and then said ‘oh no I didn’t have an affair,’” said sophomore Mary-Kate Connell. “And his wife is pregnant. It’s not okay.”

Students also commented on Stroh’s video, in which she shared screenshots of her conversations with the Maroon 5 singer.

“I was having an affair with a man who is married to a Victoria Secret model,” said Stroh in the TikTok. “At the time I was young, I was naïve, and I mean quite frankly I feel exploited.”

“I felt like [Stroh] was trying to act like a victim when she knew he was married,” said junior Megan Harkins. “If you’re aware that they’re married, you can’t play the victim card because you knew. Posting pictures of the DMs and showing you clearly responded, you can’t play the victim after that.”

Levine isn’t the only celebrity under fire for cheating, though. Former Try Guys member Fulmer has also received backlash after appearing to be a “wife guy” in the group’s YouTube videos.

Fulmer made it clear that he was in a happy marriage since the introduction of the group back in 2014 when they were a part of Buzzfeed. Fulmer’s love for his wife and family was a large part of his personality. This has made the news of the cheating scandal even more heartbreaking for fans.

“It was so bad. He prided himself on loving his wife, loving his kids and being known as the dad of the group. He completely ruined that,” said sophomore Emily DelBene. “It changed my opinion big time. I can’t watch old videos without being a little upset.”

Have you ever wondered what leads celebrities to cheat? Some students have speculated themselves.

Junior John Mayo said, “I feel like [Levine] let the fame get to his head and maybe he was bored.”

“I feel like [Fulmer] has a big ego and he thought he could’ve gotten away with it,” said DelBene. “He let fame get to his head a lot.”

When fame leads to cheating scandals, it not only harms the celebrities’ personal relationships, but also their relationships with fans.

“I used to really like Adam Levine’s music, and whenever I hear ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘She Will Be Loved,’ it’s like can you even trust them anymore?” said Connell.

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