Let The Band Play On

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the Sacred Heart band program from making music and putting on a halftime show.

            This year the band program has decided to put on a virtual halftime show that includes music from Disney’s Fantasmic as well as “Friend Like Me” from “Aladdin.” The dance team will also be participating with the band in this feature. 

            “We can’t perform for people and crowds like usual. We wanted to come up with a way to continue to perform as a band together,” said Keith Johnston Director of Performing Arts and Director of Band and Orchestra. 

            The band has implemented different protocols in order to follow safety regulations. Every member is to get temperature checks prior to the start of rehearsal as well as wear musician masks throughout the entire rehearsal. These musician masks allow students to play their instruments while also wearing a mask. There are also bell covers for each instrument as well as social distancing between each student. 

“It’s been challenging for us to find rehearsal methods that will work within the time frame we are trying to use,” said Andy Kolar Associate Director of Bands. 

            In order to make this virtual show happen, the band is going to have a couple different recording dates. During these dates smaller sections will be recorded together and spliced all together in the end to make the video. 

            Despite the challenges and differences this year has brought the band program, many students are eager to be back and play with their fellow musicians. 

            “Although this is very new, different and under the circumstances were a bit unexpected, I think this is really cool because it allows us to continue playing,” said Julia Simoneau, sophomore trumpet player. 

            There was no pre-season band camp for students to learn the music and other marching techniques, so the band is in a little bit of a time crunch. However, many see the show coming along nicely. 

            “It’s a little bit stressful considering we would usually have much longer to prepare but I think for the amount of time we have it is coming along pretty well,” said Julianne D’Amico, junior front ensemble player. 

            Another difference that is a shock to many students is no football season as of right now. No football season has not discouraged the band members from participating and enjoying making music with their friends again. 

            “If this season has proved anything it is that marching band can still exist without football. Although we love cheering the team on at game day, and helping to hype the crowd up during pregame and halftime, this year really allowed us to focus on performing for our own love of music,” said Kailee Donoghue, junior drum major. 

            The band program also plans to have other virtual events throughout the semester with the same concept in mind of recording smaller sections playing together and putting them all together to make a video. They hope to make a Halloween Concert virtual show at the end of October as well as release a Christmas memories concert at the end of November. 

            They hope to post these videos on their social media platforms as outreach to prospective students as well as the community. The halftime show the band is currently working on is scheduled to be released in early to mid-October. 

            “Given the circumstances I understand and am still just glad that we are able to have band in any aspect,” said Brianne Paiva, senior member of the color guard and creator of the dance for this year’s show.

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