This Year I Will…

For some, the creation of New Year’s Resolutions is a common practice. If not a specific goal for themselves, some people have plans to follow through with during a new year in their life.

For many students, setting a goal is something they enjoy to do for themselves in the new year.

“I always make at least a few small, realistic goals that sets myself up for success for the coming year,” said senior Mary Austin. “I plan to follow through with my resolutions this year by holding myself accountable.”

Other students have made plans to better their physical health.

“This year I set a goal to have a consistent gym routine. I have been following through with it so far and I really enjoy working out,” said junior Hannah Shabilon.

Some students have aimed to better their mental health in the new year.

“My one goal this year is to take more time for myself, and to make it a priority to take breaks to do selfcare,” said junior Haley Sullivan.

On the other hand, some students did not make new year’s resolutions.

“Often times, I make New Year’s resolutions and never end up going through with them, so this year I decided not to set any unrealistic New Year’s resolutions,” said junior Myllena Silva.

Some students said that resolutions don’t make it past the first few weeks of the year.

“I think many individuals fail to keep their resolutions because they lack accountability,” said graduate student Ryan Corbett.

For some, motivation for following goals is found through watching others follow their resolutions.

“Personally, I see viewing other people’s goals as a motivation to set and stick with mine,” said Austin.

Some students said they feel disappointed when they are unable to follow through with the goals that they set for themselves.

“I usually get upset with myself when I don’t continue with my goals,” said Silva.

Still, several students said they have plans for making improvements in the new year.

“I haven’t made a specific New Year’s resolution, but I’m trying to eat healthier, incorporating more greens into my diet,” said senior Savannah Palas.

Many students hope to strive towards a healthier diet in the new year.

“I plan on consuming more vegetables and Vitamin D,” said Corbett.

Senior Alana Proudian has a plan for maintaining her goals.

“A lot of my friends have had the same New Year’s resolution, so their presence in these activities definitely makes it more motivational and fun to complete.”

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