Through Thick & Thin

BY Angelina Dinota

Contributing Writer

A thank you to my brothers. The people who have stood by my side through thick and thin. It takes a lot for me to say this, because when I was younger all I would do is complain and try to get them in trouble by my parents.

Thank you for always understanding. There is no one that truly understands or gets you more than a sibling. It is something I have had the privilege to witness as we have grown up together. Together, we have gone through the best and the worst. Together, we have grown to understand and appreciate the time that we get to spend with one another. Time is something that scares me. Not knowing the future. But we are lucky enough to be able to live the mystery of the future, together.

For protecting me. For being my backbone when things get tough. Growing up with an older brother and a younger brother is a blessing in disguise. I am very lucky to say the least. I have two personal bodyguards. I may complain about this, cry about this, but thank you. Something I have always hated, but also something that brings me happiness is to know I have forever. People who will be there for me; till the very end.

For running to me when I thought things would never feel normal. I am lucky enough to go to college with my younger brother. I am often asked if I like it or if I hate it. I can honestly say it has been a blessing. I don’t know what I would have done without having him with me here at Sacred Heart. When times are tough, act tougher. You will get through it, together.

Without even realizing, you have taught me some of the most important life lessons. For fighting with me, for teaching me strength and for teaching me to fight my own battles. Some lessons I have used most recently in my everyday life. You have taught me to keep my smile on my face, to keep my head up, and to never let something that was not the best news keep me down; to keep on going, together.

For making me sit through countless sporting events. It sounds like a joke, but it for sure is not. I would dread these days at such a young age. I have gained some of the best memories and friends sitting in the stands. I have watched you guys win and lose some of the biggest games. I have sat through triple headers in Cooperstown (dreadful), and have sat in 6-hour car rides to sit in the stands for a state championship; still cheering you on. I have learned some of the most important lessons while watching you guys play the games you have loved. It allowed me to find cheerleading, a sport that turned me into the person I am today. Together, we have found our passions and our second family.

There is no “I” in together and something we have realized: you must stick together.

Don’t complain, let them do their thing. They’re only trying to be there for you.

I wouldn’t be where I am without your guidance and support. Thank you.

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