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Rewatch podcasts enable fans to experience their favorite shows in a brand-new way. With cast members as the hosts and a variety of behind-the-scenes scoops and loads of nostalgia, these podcasts are bringing new life to fan-favorite television shows in a creative format.

“Pod Meets World” is just one example of this.

“Pod Meets World” is a rewatch podcast that takes a closer look into each episode of the hit 90s coming-of-age sitcom “Boy Meets World.” Former cast members Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle host the show, taking listeners through each episode in chronological order. The first episode of the podcast was released on June 27, and a new episode is available every Monday on all music streaming platforms.

“None of us have seen an episode since it aired back in the 90s, so we will be witnessing our middle-part haircuts, hooded T-shirts and teenage overacting for basically the first time right along with you,” said co-host Strong in the “Pod Meets World” trailer.

Originally premiered on ABC in September 1993, “Boy Meets World” focused on the life of Cory Matthews, an average student who learns the ropes of various relationships and situations from grade school through adulthood. Matthews faces many real-life scenarios in which he must navigate harsh truths about the world.

The show ran for a total of seven seasons leading to its finale in 2000. Boy Meets World fans are still able to rewatch the show as it is available for streaming on Disney Plus.

“I watched reruns growing up but watched it in full my freshman year,” said junior Kayla Goncalves. “It’s a very nostalgic show, and I know it to be a comfort show to many of my friends.”

In addition to rewatching episodes of “Boy Meets World,” the podcast hosts invite cast members from the show to share their secrets and stories with listeners.

“The most fun days on set were when a few of us got the giggles so bad that we would have to shoot the scene and as soon as they yelled ‘cut’ we all ran away and started laughing even harder,” said William “Rusty” Russ on “Pod Meets World.”

When the podcast was first announced, many fans noticed that Ben Savage, who played Cory Matthews on the show, was not associated with the launch. According to an interview with US Weekly, Fishel shared an explanation on Savage’s absence.

“We have been talking about this podcast since 2019. All four of us went back and forth on how to do it. By the end of the conversation, he said, ‘I just don’t think this is for me,’” said Fishel.

While Savage may not be a host, the trio welcomes him to join them in the future.

“If Ben wants to come on, we have an open-door policy. If he ever changes his mind, we told him to let us know and we will be happy to invite him on,” said Fishel in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Pod Meets World” is not the only rewatch podcast hosted by former cast members of their show. This format has been replicated for fan bases of many different sitcoms and dramas.

According to People Magazine, “Cast members of TV shows like ‘The Office,’ ‘One Tree Hill’ and more are hopping on the rewatch podcast trend, taking listeners through their experiences filming some of the most beloved shows in recent TV history — and bringing some familiar faces along for the ride.”

Rewatch podcasts like “Pod Meets World” are becoming popular as they have delighted fans in giving their favorite shows a brand-new life.

“I think many people find it exciting when an old cast reunites and still have strong relationships,” said Goncalves. “You get another perception of a show you loved with the actors you love.”

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